1. Fur your eyes only - the Teddy Babe Sex Doll

    the Teddy Babe sex doll
    Bored of plastic playmates? Finding it hard to cuddle your Fleshlight? Want more from life than your Cyberskin Ass Stroker can provide? If you've ever fantasised about Miss Piggy or furry, large-breasted dwarfs with no knee joints, the Teddy Babe Sex Doll is the luxury doll for you. She may be small but she's all woman - especially with her pussy velour plush insert!

    The Teddy Babe's relatively small size is a distinct advantage when manipulating her during 'bed play'. So don't let her size fool you! Get naked together, and enjoy the sensual pleasure of her silky plush body against your naked skin.

    Bend your Teddy Babe to your will - she'll never answer back. But make sure you're gentle with her: you're her first.

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