1. See no evil with our blindfold sex play 101

    Allure leather blindfold
    There's nothing quite like being unable to see as you're teased and tormented for a powerful hit of erotic anticipation. Give new meaning to the phrase 'love is blind' with these blindfold tips from Cosmopolitan's book of Over 100 Triple-X Sex Tricks.

    • Once you've got your man blind, treat him to a slew of new sensations: gently nibble him, trail your hardened tongue over his body, tickle him with your fingers, swish your hair over his bits. He'll have no idea where you'll strike next. At the crucial moment, climb on top, hold his face and make him stare right into your eyes as you ride him to oblivion. TIP: Start low-key and use your hands instead of a blindfold to cover his eyes.
    • Tantalise him by slipping a scarf over his orbs and teasing him any way you desire. You're in total control of his pleasure, so pull out the stops by stimulating him with sensual props. Mix up your touch to keep his temperature high. TIP: Don't forget to take a turn behind the veil so he can have fun ordering up your moans and groans.
    • Have a fox hunt. You both get naked but one of you wears a blindfold (a scarf will do). The other hides. The masked lover gets on hands and knees (to avoid tripping or bumping into things) and has to find the other. The hider can pop up out of nowhere, only to disappear in the next instant. Tally-ho!

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