1. Add sparkle to your life with electrical sex toys

    Pulse Two Electrobox Kit
    Bzzt! Electrical sex toys have been around for a while, but usually at a price allowing only those people who probably have too much gold in their bodies to use them safely to use them at all.

    Costs have dropped in the past few years, though, bringing you one step closer to satisfying your curiosity about electro-sexual therapy.

    So with the wild add-ons coming with some electrical sex toy kits, now might be the time to dip a toe in the water! Wearing a rubber boot, naturally.

    The Pulse One and Pulse Two Electrobox Starter Kits provide everything you need for orgasmic jolts right out of the box, with cock and ball ring sets, pads and nipple clamps included. But for design highlights on top of toe-tingling sex you'll probably want the mystim Pure Vibes Electro Sex Stimulation Unit, so that you can bolt on the ergonomically designed, shockingly stylish ElectraStim Vaginal and Anal Probes.

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