1. Once you pop... Make the most of your anal beads

    Dragon's Tail Anal Beads Interested in anal play but put off by the idea of letting the likes of the Colt 10-inch Explorer anywhere near your tender rear? Anal beads may be the right place to start: check out the following tips from Cosmopolitan's book of Over 100 Triple-X Sex Tricks.

    • Make it easy to go in or out by lathering up with plenty of lube. It's easier to pull out if you push down with your bottom muscles (as if going to the toilet).
    • Don't get the bum's rush losing your beads. If your trinket doesn't have a ring or handle on the end, leave on or two beads outside the opening so you can pull them out.
    • Timing is everything. Send your lover into a tailspin by s-l-o-w-l-y pulling the beads out during orgasm (they'll have to let you know when blast-off is, so you can start pulling).
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