1. Jonathan Ross sniffs Vulva live on TV

    Vulva Real Vagina ScentLast week on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross the UK's favourite chatshow host proved that he just can't get enough of Lovehoney sex toys when he tried out our popular Vulva Real Vagina Scent.

    According to the manufacturers this peerless male sex-drive booster 'beguiles the senses with the scent of a real vagina, thus opening up completely new vistas for enhancing your sex life'. While according to a Lovehoney reviewer, 'If your wife smells like Billingsgate Fish Market this might save the day'. And according to Jonathan? 'Smell my fingers!' quipped the floppy-haired wag. Next week on Friday Night at Jonathan Ross: a quick fag behind the bike sheds.

    Check out which other Lovehoney sex toys Jonathan's rated.

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    • Rich: March 28, 2007 09:11
      He's a bit of sauce that JR. I'd sniff his fingers any day ;-)
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