1. The Space Hopper Sex Toy

    Space Hopper Sex Toy Is nothing sacred? For most of us childhood is a happy, innocent time of not having the right shoes for school, being scared of dogs and enduring a harsh introduction to the gentle tyranny of the 9-5 working week. But some deviant Design A Sex Toy entrants have clearly drawn on memories of playground hi-jinks to design toys for adult fun.

    So what's going on through the round window? Let's take a peek. As ever, we've retained the original presentation to keep the authentic competition entry flavour…

    Design A Sex Toy Entry

    What we love about this one is the excellent use of what looks like Microsoft Paint to product the designs. A job creating blueprints in an architect's office surely awaits…

    The main reason it didn't win? The Horny Hopper already exists…

    Sex toy name: Space Humper
    Description: Provides both vaginal and anal stimulation in a way never experienced before. An "out of this world" experience! A space hopper with a twist!

    This may look like an innocent enough toy, but look closer and its far more! The two "probes" provide double penetration, and are ribbed for extra stimulation.

    Towards the base is a flap which reveals the inflation valve, and vibration and heat switches which add a new "dimension" to the fun! There is also a 9v dc socket for recharging, to ensure no end to the action!

    The space humper can be deflated qucikly and packs away neatly for stoarge, but once you pump it up you'll never want to let it down again! Included: 1 x Space Humper 1 X Mains charger 1 X Foot Pump More diagrams/details available on request. Material: rubber

    Space Humper sex toy

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    • anon: August 02, 2013 13:06
      i did this when i was 12 with a regular hopper put it in my ass and bounced on it it was hot