1. Sex toy takes you away with the fairies

    Fairy Fun sex toy (small picture) Sex toy designers can take inspiration from all sort of unlikely places. After all, who'd have thought that the resident of a rabbit hutch would have inspired the best-selling sex toy ever? The entrants to our Design a Sex Toy Competition also drew on disparate source when creating their vibrators… Behold the Fairy!

    Design A Sex Toy Entry

    This was a beautifully drawn design that may well have been insprired by the famous Cottingley Fairies. Like Tony Hart, we admired the use of pastels in the drawing… But it was hard to work out exactly where all the moving parts were, and where the controls and batteries go - surely not up her bum?

    Sex toy name: Fairy Fun
    Description: Fairy Fun is like a naughty barbie doll. She sits discreetly on her lily pad until you want to play. Her legs rotate and vibrate inside the vagina whilst her hat stimulates the clitoris and her feather light wings caress the inner thighs and surrounding skin.

    Fairy Fun is made of rubberized jelly and is extremely flexible. She has wings made of extra light feathers which flap gently to caress the skin. She wears a little green cap with tinsely feelers for clitoral stimulation

    Her legs are very long and they rotate and vibrate from the knee down.They clip together and can be inserted inside the female for lots of fun.

    Whilst you are not playing with her, Fairy fun sits discreetly on her lily pad which is also a battery charger that plugs directly into the wall. Once fully charged you can take her out to play, she is very light weight and fun to play with.

    Although she is designed for girls, she can be fun for couples too. The Speed Controls are on her bottom and there is also an optional thrusting action for the legs.

    Fairy Fun sex toy

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