1. Design Your Own Sex Toy competition - the also-rans

    Now that we've shared the results of the Design Your Own Sex Toy competition, we've decided to let you know about some of the more memorable (if non-winning prize entries).

    We'll be putting the most distinctive of the also-rans on this blog over the next few weeks, so watch this space for eye-boggling toy action.

    A few themes were immediately apparent - a surprising number of you wanted to have sex with a USB port, making teledildonics the hot tip for future sex-toy developments; a high proportion of male toys were labour-saving wank devices for the terminally lazy - we never realised a simple knuckle shuffle was such a major undertaking for some people - and there were two entries each in the dildocam (for people who want to see what girls are made of) and root vegetable dildo categories, the latter moulded on non-GM organic carrots and parsnips, naturally!

    Some entries set a high standard for sheer shock value, but the many rose to the challenge admirably, we think. In the interests of authenticity we've retained original spelling and grammar.

    Design A Sex Toy Entry

    This one had our jaws hitting the floor for two reasons. First up, we couldn't quite work out whether he was having a laugh or whether he thought that "getting in the back of the vagina" was what girls wanted.

    And while we admired him for creating a prototype, we wondered why it looked less like a sex toy and more like a Lego Mindstorms kit…

    Sex toy name: Backspace
    Description: Get in the back of the girls vaginas.

    Ok so this is the most awesomest Sex Toy ever you just stick it up there press the button and KABAM!!!!! It his the back caves of your Vaginal express!!!!!!!111

    Backspace Sex toy

    Comments (4)

    • jennifer: May 04, 2007 14:46
      which way does it go up???
    • Richard - LoveHoney: May 08, 2007 15:15
      We think it just goes, well, up! It's not entirely clear whether the inventor actually thought about the pracicality of it being used or coming into contact with a real, fleshy human being...
    • Geoff: May 09, 2007 15:53
      It doesn't look like it's waterproof, mind. Wouldn't want to get those circuits wet!
    • Jan: October 06, 2007 13:15
      This is the Robosnail I designed by Anette Hosoi an her team at MIT's Hatsopoulos Microfluids Lab:
      And yes, may be in the future it will "go up" used as a medical roboter acording to this article:
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