1. Sex furniture to liberate your sex life

    Sex furniture to liberate your sex life When it comes down to it, most of us prefer to make love in the bedroom. Sure the bath or kitchen are fun every now and again, but for all-round ease-of-use, you can't beat the boudoir. But do you sometimes find that the bed is, well, too flat? This is where the Liberator sex furniture comes in. It may look like a big wedge of cheese, but it's designed to get you in the perfect position to receive or give pleasure. Turns any flat bed into a mountain-range of orgasmic delight! We've only just started selling these items, so we'd love to hear from any satisfied (or unsatisfied) punters.

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    • LITTLEMINX3012: July 27, 2007 19:17
      i really really want to get some bondage furniture and toys but how the hell am i supposed to let my fella know that i want to be dominated and get this stuff without him freakin out?

      please someone help me x