1. Fetish club sex

    So I was sitting in the opera box at this chic fetish club last night, drinking Black Tooth Grins and trying not to faint in my ultra-clingy PVC baby doll corset dress. He was sitting in the box next to ours and making it blatantly obvious that he was interested in what was underneath my slinky, shiny PVC.

    I downed the remainder of my drink and headed out the door, loudly announcing my imminent departure to my friends and giving him my sexiest stare as I wafted past. Before I hit the exit his hand was on my hip.

    I turn around slowly and smiled as I took his hand and lead him outside. The dimly lit courtyard was buzzing with fetish minxes and their partners. We snaked through the crowd, his hand trailing over my ass and slipping underneath my dress to meet my clammy flesh.

    We ducked into a nearby alcove and I pulled him to me. His thick, long tongue pushed into my mouth and licked at mine before he pulled out and sucked my bottom lip.

    I put both hands on his shoulders and pushed him to his knees and ripped open the crotch of my panty-less tights. He buried his nose and mouth into my pussy, sucking my clit and darting his thick, expert tongue into my hole with each pull of his lips.

    He ground his stubbly chin all over my pussy mound and slipped his thumb into my ass. As his tongue flicked my clit and his thumb worked slowly in and out, I was moaning loudly, hoping someone would come by and watch our daring antics.

    I came loudly and grabbed at his hair, pushing his face into my pussy to get every last pleasurable second from my orgasm. I then hooked one leg around his waist as he pulled down his pants. He grabbed both my butt cheeks and lifted me up, pushing me against the wall.

    I gripped his shoulder with one hand and grabbed his cock with the other, guiding it into my wet pussy and begging him to fuck me as hard and fast as possible.

    He began biting my tits through the cold PVC as he fucked my pussy like a blow-up doll. He lasted about two minutes, but it was enough to get me ready for a second orgasm…

    This time he spun me around, thrust my legs apart and licked and finger fucked my ass. I pulled my tits out and used one hand to play with my nipples while the other hand rubbed my clit hard and fast while he worked me from behind.

    I came hard and leaned exhausted for a few seconds against the wall.

    I then collected my bag and walked out of the alcove, leaving him standing there trying to figure out how the fuck that just happened.

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