1. Design A Sex Toy - Meet The Winner!

    We spoke to Design A Sex Toy winner Trevor Murphy to find out what inspired his design - and how he felt about winning £1,000 and the chance to have his sex toy made!

    What inspired the design?
    "I had designed two toys for the competition already, based on existing toys already on the market. I really wanted it to be original so I had a look at the toys out there for ladies…

    "The Design A Sex Toy web site was a great help, listing the best selling sex toys and why they were so popular. I was lying in bed that night and suddenly it clicked – the design of the toy!

    "I think the best sex toys are discreet and easy to store or carry so even the shape of my design got me excited. I felt I had a pretty good chance with this design!"

    Did you make any test models?

    "I didn't make any test models but I have a strong visual imagination and could really visualize the design in my mind."

    How did you hear about the competition?

    "I was looking around the Lovehoney Web site for a sexy birthday present for my partner and saw the link."

    How does it feel to win?

    "It feels fantastic! I knew I had a strong design but it was still a shock! I'm sure there were a lot of great entries and I'm honoured to have won."

    Do your family, friends, or partner know that you entered the comp, and if so, what will they think of you winning?

    "My partner is the only person I’ve told about the competition and she is delighted! She said if my design gets made I’ll be sleeping on the couch while she tests it out!! I may tell a few close friends about winning but I’m afraid I might shock some of my great aunts! Except my Aunty Lena, she’s a bit saucy!"

    Congratulations, Trevor!

    Thank you to everyone who enterered the Design A Sex Toy Competition… And good luck next time!

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