1. Dear Daily Mail - Sex And The City Rabbit Is Not Rampant

    God Bless the Daily Mail. Ann Summers boss Jacqueline Gold is invited to meet the Queen and rather than celebrate this wonderful award, the Mail runs a lengthy hatchet job entitled The Queen of Sleaze. Terrible.

    With rampant assertions that the Ann Summers empire was built off the back of the Gold brothers' porn empire, the Mail clearly knows what turns its readers on - why else would it repeatedly mention magazine titles like Hardcore Housewives and coverlines like "'barely legal young sweet p***y"? (The Mail's asterisks, not mine.) While being exceptionally cruel to Jacqueline Gold, it's a work of journalistic art - until they get some basic facts wrong.

    Yes, even the Mail has fallen into the trap of perpetuating the Rampant Rabbit Myth, claiming that Ann Summers's registered trademark vibrator was featured in the Sex And The City TV show. When, as any fool knows, it wasn't.

    "[Gold Group's] last accounts show that the [Ann Summers] sex shops accounted for 97 per cent of its £3 million profit in 2005 and 84 per cent of its £145 million turnover," says the Mail. "All this was achieved by persuading women to gather together to buy the Rampant Rabbit Thruster (as seen on Sex In The City)…"

    Goddammit, no!

    For a start, the programme was (and still is) called Sex And The City, not Sex In The City. You're not the only one's to make that mistake, but try not to do it again.

    But here's the real problem. The phrase "Rampant Rabbit", when used to describe a vibrator, is a registered trademark of Ann Summers.

    Sex And The City Rabbit Did Sex And The City feature a "Rampant Rabbit"? No. It featured this rabbit vibrator.

    But not only did the Mail say it was a Rampant Rabbit, they compounded their error by specifiying that it was a Rampant Rabbit Thruster that featured in the show.

    How is that possible? The Rampant Rabbit Thruster wasn't even on sale until 2005! The famous Season 1 episode The Turtle and the Hare, in which Miranda buys Charlotte a rabbit, was first broadcast in 1998!

    It's like saying Neil Armstrong was listening to an iPod while he was walking on the moon!!!