1. Erotic body painting

    An old friend of mine came round last night with a bottle of wine, some body paints and a naughty selection of painting tools. At first I laughed out loud at his suggestions of painting each other using chocolate body paint and tickling feathers, paint brushes and different fruits, but when he described in immense detail exactly where he would concentrate his artistic efforts, I soon took him seriously.

    Splayed like Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man on an old bed sheet in my living room, I felt amazingly relaxed and tingly as my friend poured a little well of hot chocolate body paint into my belly button.

    It smelt delicious and felt incredible against my cool, smooth skin. He then took a long red feather and gently dipped it's tip into my well, drizzling chocolate sauce along my navel as he moved towards my nipples.

    He started drawing delicate circles over and around my tits, misshapen stars along the sides of my body and giant flowers on my tummy and pelvis. I could feel my clit starting to throb as he neared the creases of my inner thighs. Divine…

    With a gentle nudge of his thigh against the inside of mine, I spread my silky soft legs even further so that he could fully see the pink clitoral canvas upon which he was about to paint.

    He teased me endlessly at first, teetering toward the tip of my clit then pulling away at the last minute to paint my underarms with a paint brush full of chocolate. After what seemed like an absolute age, he picked up the bowl of strawberries placed nearby and suggestively took one between his teeth. He carefully crawled on top of me and slid the strawberry through the chocolate creations he had drawn all over my body.

    By the time it reached my lips it was dripping in sauce. I liked and sucked the bulbous part of the strawberry until it was stripped of chocolate sauce, then he headed back down to my moist pussy with the strawberry clamped firmly between his teeth.

    He looked at me for a second, dipped the strawberry in my chocolate belly button then started to trace it over the outer folds of my pussy. He then nudged it gently into the opening of my pussy and began to lick the chocolate sauce off my soft, pink pussy lips. As he worked his tongue and lips toward my clit and sucked it completely into his mouth, I started to come.

    I couldn't control myself – the anticipation had built to such an overwhelming climax that I knew it would be a matter of seconds before my pussy would be gaping with silky juices… and then it happened.

    Like an amazing rush of energy through my entire body, my back arched and the well of chocolate sauce poured itself all over my body, upon which my friend licked lasciviously as he thrust his cock in and out of my satisfied pussy.