1. Design a Sex Toy - The Judging

    With more than 250 entries, the Design A Sex Toy judges had a tough job even getting to a shortlist. 30 of the best entries were selected by a process of elimination before the judges decided on the winner.

    Design A Sex Toy Judges Dominic Hawes and Bonny Hall Some entrants had not provided a design sketch, which made it difficult for the judges to picture how the finished sex toy would look.

    Others were rejected because they did not have a detailed description, leaving too much open to imagination and interpretation.

    Some entrants provided a very minor alteration on an existing sex toy so were discounted for not being original enough. Some - like the 11 version of vibrating knickers that were entered - didn't provide any variation at all on existing products.

    So how did the judges choose between the final 30 entrants…?

    Design A Sex Toy Judge Tracey Cox 1 Originality

    Designs scored highly if they were based on original ideas. Designs that provided a whole new control mechanism or an entirely new method of stimulation scored much more highly than retreads of the rabbit.

    2 Sexual function

    Entrants were more likely to succeed if they fulfilled a sexual need in an innovateive way. There were numerous clitoral stimulators, but not many anal sex toys and hardly any designed for men. Some of the finalists stimulated parts of the anatomy than others had clearly never thought of much less forgotten about!

    3 Practicality

    The aim of the Design A Sex Toy competition is ideally to find a design for a new sex toy that can be manufactured. With Dominic Hawes of leading UK sex toy manufacturer Mantric Marketing on the judging panel, we had first-hand expert opinion on not only whether each design could physically be made, but whether each could be made for a reasonable cost.

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