1. Top 5 Tips For Mind-Blowing Sex

    Regardless of whether you're a lothario in bed or someone in desperate need of experience, these Top 5 Tips For Mind-Blowing Sex will make you so hot in the sack your lover will be panting for more…

    Sex tip 1: use lubricant

    Having sex without lube is like trying to shove a pineapple up your ass. It's rough, painful and in no way erotic. You and your lover deserve better, and no amount of natural sex juices can be a good slathering of lubricant. Plus, you can get lubes that warm up or cool down your naughty bits; make them tingle or extra sensitive to touch, and make them taste like pineapples, strawberries or bubblegum. You can't say that for your man's juices after a night on the ale and cigarettes…

    If you're into rough, pounding sex, pave the way with slippery, luxuriant lubes such as O' My Natural Lubricant, WET Original Lubricant or Tracey Cox's Supersex Love Lube.

    If you like slow, grindy sex, opt for a warming lube to really make things sizzle: check out KY Warming Liquid, ID Pleasure Lube and Astroglide Warming Liquid Lube.

    Fancy some anal action? Then slather on some Astroglide Anal Shooters Lube, Doc Johnson Anal Lube or Anal Eaze Anal Desensitizing Cream.

    Finally, if you're after something fruity, go for the Astroglide Strawberry Lube, WET Passion Fruit Punch Lube or ID Juicy Lube Big Banana.

    Sex tip 2: set the mood

    No-one feels horny when pounced on in the living room surrounded by last night's take-away cartons and your partner's stinky socks. So do your groundwork and set the scene by creating an erotic atmosphere before getting all hot and heavy. The bedroom is always a good call, so light some candles, throw a scarf over your bedside lamp to really soften the lighting and play a sexy CD.

    Besides hiding all your dirty underwear and scattering around a few fluffy pillows, set the mood by taking a romantic bath together, followed by a chilled glass of wine or champagne and a mini massage on your bed. Massage oils are great for making your skin look sexy and feel supple, so give it a shot with some Shunga Erotic Massage Oil or Good Vibrations Massage Body Oil. You could even turn you min massage into a spot of foreplay and give your lover a tantalizing hand-job before the main event.

    Sex tip 3: it pays to foreplay

    As the old saying goes, 'you give to receive.' So don't expect much tongue thrusting, clit-licking or dick sucking if you're not prepared to give it back. Not only is foreplay a sure-fire way to send your horn levels through the roof, but it also relaxes the both of you because you both feel desired and satisfied knowing that a) you can still turn your lover on with one deft swipe of your tongue/salacious suck on their cock and b) they still fancy you enough to get down there and do the business. Confidence will be soaring after a spot of mutual oral sex, so why not get it on the action together and romp around in a filthy 69?

    Foreplay is also important for upping your production of natural juices, making sure your both ready for some full-on thrusting and riding. Speaking of which…

    Sex tip 4: get into position

    Gone are the days when women lie on their backs, mulling over that week's shopping list and counting down the mental stopwatch in their heads. Its all systems go now, with more and more women experimenting with anal sex, daring sex positions, BDSM and kinky fetishes. If you're stuck in a position rut and find that you and your partner routinely start off and end up in the same positions, it's time to shake things up! There are hundreds of sex positions you can try out, depending on whether you want it standing up, lying down, on your side, on top of your lover, bending over, on all fours, upside down, legs behind your head, sitting in a chair, tied and spread-eagled on the bed… it entirely depends on what turns you and your partner on. But remember, it's good to experiment!

    If you're lusting after some new erotic moves, a great sex positions book is a must have. The Ann Summers Book Of Red Hot And Rude Positions is chock full of orgasm-inducing positions, as is Anne Hooper's Great Sex Guide and Tracey Cox's Super Hot Sex book. If DVDs are more your thing, switch on the 101 Sex Positions and pretend to be in your own porno by acting out the onscreen action. If playing games are a better way for you and your lover to choose a position, get your hands on the Supersex Deck or The Lover's Guide Lovemaking Card Deck, which each contain 52 of different positions and raunchy sexual commands for you and your lover to perform.

    Sex tip 5: exercise regularly

    If you're sluggish in the day, then it follows that you're energy levels will crash when you get home and the last thing you'll feel like is a sex marathon. Start incorporating at least three 45-minute cardio sessions into your week and you will notice a massive difference in your energy levels, sending your sex drive through the roof. So the next time you feel like hiding under the duvet instead of going for a run or breaking a sweat down the gym, think of all those multi-orgasms you'll be missing out on!