1. Great sex positions: Woman On Top

    Nothing is straightforward when it comes to sex, especially when it comes to which positions you should try out. I often prefer going on top because it gives me more control over the situation – I get to control the pace of the thrusts, how far his penis goes in and how fast we fuck – but some of my friends would rather run naked down the street than straddle their boyfriends.

    At first I couldn't understand where they were coming from, because I know that one sure-fire way for me to orgasm through fucking is to get on top and grind my pussy and clit against my lover's penis and abdomen. But then they started to explain that it's more about being comfortable exposing their bodies in such a position and, also, worrying about whether they'll be able to fuck their man to orgasm like he has done to them many times before.

    Of course, I can see where they're coming from to an extent, but that shouldn't get in the way of being able to enjoy a kick-ass sex position that is more likely to get you off than lying underneath your man, hoping he can do the trick. Like anything you're not sure of, it's always best to try it out for short periods of time to begin with, even if this means rolling on top of your lover, sliding in his penis but keeping your body very close or directly on top of his, just like he does with you. You can then start gently rocking back and forth and he will enjoy the close contact with your body at this level.

    When you're more confident and feel ready to sit up and fuck, here are some great tips for the basic Woman On Top position:

    Always start off by slathering your pussy and your man's cock with a generous amount of lubricant. The lubes that I love to use during sex are Tracey Cox Supersex Love Lube, Aquaglide Original Lubricant and the Pjur Bodyglide Woman Aqua lube. Making you both slippery and wet will make it a whole lot easier for you to climb onboard and get a rhythm going.

    Until you build up strength in your legs, it's best to straddle your lover face-on and keep your legs bent and your shins underneath you. This means you can use the muscles in your back, ass and tummy to power you up and down. You can also place your hands palm down on your lover's chest to give you more leverage.

    Rock gently to begin with – riding him like Sea Biscuit will come later on when you're more accomplished in this position. If you're feeling a little exposed, use your hair to swoosh over his chest as a diversion tactic while you're getting used to it or blindfold your man until your comfortable exposing your body in this position.

    Your clitoris is highly exposed in this position, so make sure you take full advantage by rubbing it over your man's lower abdomen or get your lover to rub it while your fucking him. Vibrating Cock Rings (such as the Toy Joy Licker Vibrating Cock Ring) are also perfect in this position as the vibrations will be right underneath your clit, making for a perfect orgasm.

    Once your comfortable and ready to advance to the next level, unfold your legs and squat over your lover's penis. The muscles in your legs will propel you to go as fast and deep as you want, which will no doubt lead to your man exploding within minutes.

    Lastly, try placing a pillow underneath the small of your man's back. This will raise his abdomen and groin area making it easier for you to grind away and for him to help you out with thrusting.

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