1. Nipple clamps make me and my lesbian lover squeal

    I'm into a bit of pain when I'm having sex, so when I tried out nipple clamps for the first time in ages last night, I was pleasantly reminded about how erotic they are. I love the way they make my nipples instantly hard and how the more turned on I get the tighter they squeeze my nipples, giving me a more intense shot of pain.

    Last night I had sex with a girl called Liz, and she clapped my nipples while going down on me. It felt fucking amazing to have her licking me out while the clamps tightened around my nipples as she gave them suggestive little tugs with her fingers. The pain did get quite intense after about five minutes, but if you love to straddle the pain/pleasure barrier as much as I do then nipple clamps will drive you wild.

    As soon as I took off the clamps, my nipples seemed to be extra-sensitive to every touch, kiss and lick Liz gave them. When I attached them to her nipples she had the exact same experience, although she liked to be tugged a bit harder than I do. Feisty bitch!

    If you want to try out some nipple clamps, start off with some that suck your nipples instead of squeezing or clamping them, such as the Pink Nipple Suckers or the Nipple Bulb Suction Pump. If, like Liz and I, you prefer something more hardcore, go for the Squeezer Teaser Nipple Clamps or the rather painful but sexy Nipple Chain ClaspsNipple Chain Clasps. If you like to experience vibrations in your nips as well as your pussy, get your mitts on the Deluxe Pulsating Nipple Clamps or theToy Joy Vibrating Nipple Teasers Twin Pack Toy Joy Vibrating Nipple Teasers Twin Pack – a set for you and your lover!