1. How to spank and cane your lover

    If you're looking for an erotic new game to play this Valentine's Day, why not try your hand at some sexy spanking? In her best-selling book Great Sex Games, sex guru Anne Hooper gives the following tips for spanking and caning your naughty lover…

    The following excerpt is taken from Anne Hooper's Great Sex Games (published by Dorling Kindersley).

    'Caning and spanking may sound like painful experiences to some, but to many people a light slip of the hand or a playful blow with a carpet beater brings the blood pleasantly to the surface, tingling and warming the skin – all precursors of erotic arousal. This degree of spanking or caning stings, but it does not hurt. If your partner's administrations begin to cause pain, call a halt. Pretend pain is one thing, real torture is totally unacceptable.

    Safe instruments

    Carpet beaters, paddles, spatulas, whisks and soft flails do NOT hurt. Crops, rulers and canes DO hurt, so only use them sparingly.

    Game: where would you like it?

    In this game you offer your partner light spanking or caning – whichever will be most acceptable.

    You ask: 'where would you like it? Here or there?' When your partner says "here," spank or cane them somewhere else.

    When your partner protests, do it somewhere else again. The idea is to tease and tantalize.

    Of course, sometimes you will spank in the desired place, but the aim is to frustrate your partner as much as to satisfy them. So why frustrate your partner? Because it rouses people, and any arousal increases sexual turn-on.

    Action Tip

    Don't forget to agree on a safety word before you start.'

    The above excerpt was taken from Anne Hooper's Great Sex Games (published by Dorling Kindersley).

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