1. G-Spot orgasms - fact or fiction?

    G-Spot orgasms - fact or fiction?

    It's been the subject of much controversy - does the G-spot exist or is it the figment of an over-active sexual imagination?

    We asked 1,500 people about their G-spot experiences in November and December 2006 for TV sex expert Tracey Cox - and at last the results are in!

    See the full G-Spot Survey results here and get some great G-spot tips from this blog that will help you discover this secret sex zone…

    A Different Kind of Medical Check-Up

    Lovehoney AquagasmIt is rumoured that the G-spot is something that comes from your genetics. If your mother has a G-spot, then it’s quite likely that you have one too - but we don’t expect you to ask!

    It’s worth noting that not everyone has a G-spot and this area is entirely different in different people. Some people find that the G-spot is small and located just inside the opening of the vagina whilst others find that their G-spot is large and pronounced, positioned higher up the vaginal wall.

    There is no hard and fast rule of where your G-spot is and how you should stimulate it, but there are lots of techniques you can use to try and discover it.

    Hard and Fast!

    Lovehoney Supe7 Smoothie Silicone VibratorThe G-spot is an area of the body that likes hard and fast stimulation. Whereas the clitoris can often be sensitive and adverse to intense sensations, the G-spot can handle the most powerful of vibrations and some strong thrusts too!

    The Lovehoney Aquagasm G-Spot Waterpoof Vibrator with Triple Tickler is great for G-spot stimulation as it has a specially angled head and a firm shaft. Similarly, the Lovehoney Super7 Smoothie Silicone Vibrator has a smooth silicone shaft that allows you to adjust the pressure to suit you.

    Always start using a G-spot sex toy without the vibrations. You may find the shape and penetration pleasurable enough as it is and vibrations can be distracting, at first.

    The Big Question - Does G-Spot Stimulation Lead to Female Ejaculation?

    njoy Eleven

    Yes and no.

    The G-spot is debated to be part of the skene’s gland or located directly beneath it. The skene’s gland is said to be the area that fills up with liquid before female ejaculation and releases it at the point of orgasm. This would make sense as the G-spot swells with stimulation and is often the area that needs to be stimulated for squirting to happen (see Cytheria and Flower Tucci for examples).

    However, female ejaculation is as widely contested as the G-spot itself and for every person who can gush from G-spot stimulation, you’ll find another who has never experienced squirting before. G-spot or no G-spot.

    The best way to see if you can discover squirting yourself is to practice, practice, practice! Stimulate the G-spot in different ways using different toys, try combining this stimulation with clitoral play, lay down a towel or two to put your mind at ease and most of all, relax!

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