1. The ultimate guide to kissing

    The greatest kisses are the ones that make the entire world around you stop spinning; when all you can think about is how amazing this one moment feels and how you never, ever want this kiss to end. Kisses have several purposes: you kiss your friends, relatives and acquaintances to say hello and goodbye, and to be affectionate, but you also kiss your lover more often than not as a pre-cursor to sex.

    You may think that kissing your lover on the lips is the most direct way to turn them on, but your lips are made to kiss other parts as well. Kissing your lover's earlobes, fingertips, toes, tummy and neck (especially the nape), the inside of their thighs (while building up to giving them head) and their buttocks will turn them on just as much. To make things a lot tastier, spread some ID Juicy lube in Bubblegum flavour and slather it on the parts of your lover's body you want to kiss. Flavoured lube on the inside of your lover's thighs, for instance, will make you even more enthusiastic about giving them great head.

    Having said all that, a really wet, really passionate kiss planted on your lover's mouth will knock them for six. It's easy to take kissing for granted and see it as something you have to do to get to what you hope is coming next, ie, sex. But kisses can be ultra erotic if you put the effort in. It's not just about what you're doing with your lips and your tongue; it's about using your hands too.

    To make a kiss much more full-on and passionate, place your hand on the back of your lover's neck when you're kissing them and gently massage the nape of their neck with your fingers while you're kissing. You can then move your hand onto the lower part of their cheek and lightly trace your thumb over their bottom lip while you gently suck on it. You should also use your fingertips to gently rake through your lover's hair while you're kissing them, and then trace your fingertips down the column of their spine to the top of their buttocks.

    When it comes to the actual kiss, it's all about give and take. You have to be flexible if you want to be a great kisser, and you need to be responsive to the way you are being kissed. The best way to build-up to a knockout kiss is to gently brush your lips against your lover's, then lightly run your tongue along their top lip before opening your mouth a bit more and slowly running your tongue over theirs.

    Kissing with tongues can feel extremely erotic, but it's surprising how many people get it wrong and treat their tongue like a jackhammer. There's nothing worse than someone's tongue darting viciously in and out of your mouth, so take your time and go with the flow. If your lover likes long sultry kisses, give it to them! If hungry, strong kisses make them wet, take a deep breath and give it all you've got without breaking their jaw.

    If you're looking for something special to give your kisses that extra zing, Mabel Iam, author ofThe Love Diet, has come up with a real-life kissing potion. With honey and ice to soothe your throat, white rum to relax and nutmeg to de-stress and enhance your taste buds, you'll be kissing for hours after brewing up this little concoction…

    The following recipe is taken from Mabel Iam's The Love Diet, published by Harper Collins.

    To make your real-life kissing potion, you will need:

    2 tsp lemon juice and 2 tsp of honey

    1 shot of white rum and some crushed ice

    A dash of nutmeg

    Combine the lemon juice, honey and white rum, then mix and pour over crushed ice served in a cocktail glass. Sprinkle with a dash of nutmeg, drink, then get kissing!

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