1. Real Life G-Spot Experiences

    Real Life G-Spot Experiences

    Opinion is divided on whether there's a universal vaginal pleasure spot - often called the G-spot - so we ran a survey earlier this year to find out what you thought about the matter.

    We asked a whole bunch of questions and gave you a blank box into which you could put any G-spot-related thoughts that popped into your head.

    And this long is what you said…

    Your Real Life G-Spot Experiences

    "Would like to know more about it so that I can satisfy my partner fully."

    "Wish he'd find it again! "

    "Wife said, 'It felt ace, thought I was going to wee!' "

    "When stimulated correctly, best have plenty of towels handy!"

    "When I try to find my G-spot I just get very wet - I'm undecided if it exists or not."

    "When I or my partner get my G-spot, I'm like a fountain."

    "When found, it was amazing."

    "We need more info on the boys' G-spot now us girls have got ours sussed!"

    "Try it you might like it."

    "This is the only stimulation that has ever allowed me to experience female ejaculation."

    "Slippery bugger to find but when you do wa-hey!"


    Njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo"Oohhhhhh mmmyyyyyyyy loooord."

    "Not a substitute for clit orgasms, but an excellent addition."

    "My njoy pure wand is the best for g-spot orgasms."

    "My new partner found my G-spot recently. Before then I didn't know I had one! Now I've had a G-spot orgasm, it won't be the last!"

    "It's great! Wish I could always find it when having sex with my partner."

    "It's an intense 'don't want it to stop' feeling!"

    "It seems very hard to find and very variable in strength of orgasms - sometimes it feels amazing… but other women have told me that their G-spot is not very strong compared to a clitoral orgasm… but I think any orgasm is good for me!"

    "It really helps me to squirt loads."

    "I'm sure that my boyfriend 'found' it… I nor any of my previous partners have been able to find the mysterious G-spot in the past and I can assure you that it felt amazing - but even I'm not 100% convinced as this happened for the first time only a few DAYS ago…I'll need to keep practicing and get back to you at a later date!!!"

    "I'm a natural gusher. I'm certainly grateful to Dr. Grafenberg for his work!"

    "I haven't had any G-spot experiences to my knowledge, but am interested in finding out if it does exist, and if so, which would be the best method of stimulating it."

    Lovehoney Aquagasm"I have never had any orgasm at all."

    "I am a guy and first encountered the Gspot in Toronto when I was 18. It does exist, but like the clit and squirting it is different for every girl. Strong psychological ties."

    "G-spot stimulation is great for us squirters out there."

    "G-spot stimulation is essential for women with partners whose penis is not so much a monster! A G-spot sex toy with a micro rough surface like our finger prints and that could vibrate and do tiny circular motions on the G-spot surface would be great! In other words, a vibrating finger! Am I asking for too much?"


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