1. Bad Kitty's Top 5 (un)scientific sex predictions for 2007

    Forget singles nights, renting dodgy porn flicks and using your electric toothbrush in place of a vibrator; 2007 is all about sex and technology. From meeting new lovers on MySpace and filming your own porn movie through to playing with 'couple-friendly' sex toys and trying a spot of pole dancing in your own home, this year will see you getting it on at the push of a button…

    MySpace dating

    Speed dating is so passé this year, as are overcrowded singles nights and over-priced dating agencies that always seem to pair you up with someone you'd never go for in a million years. MySpace dating is where it's at. The beauty of MySpace is that you can 'shop' around; checking out the profiles of people before you even request to be their 'friend' and paying particular attention to those who are specifically there for dating. You can take it as fast or as slow as you like, add flirty little comments to their MySpace page or send them sexy private messages that no-one else can read. And the major advantage of finding dates through MySpace is that it doesn't cost a penny! So why bother spending obscene agency fees or getting hammered down your local when you can log on and flirt for free?

    Text sex

    Getting jiggy with your mobile will take on a whole new meaning in 2007. With mobile phones becoming ever more advanced, your possibilities for creating a sexy text stir are endless. If face-to-face dirty talk sends your embarrassment levels through the roof, text your sexual demands and requests instead. You can lead up to a full on mini text shag with your lover and spice it up with a few sexy snaps using your phone's camera function. For the more adventurous, why not go the whole nine yards and make a short masturbation movie to tease your lover with before they get home from work? You'll be guaranteed some earth-shaking sex after that little Oscar-worthy performance.

    Pole dancing

    Forget tripping over silk scarves and fumbling around with stubborn bra hooks while trying to give your lover a half-baked strip tease; pole dancing is taking over. There are countless classes popping up all over the UK that teach you the basic steps of pole-dancing, right the way through to piecing together a show-stopping performance. You can even add a burlesque outfit and combine two of the hottest confidence-boosters around right now. If you want to blow your lovers mind and be a real sex diva, buy your own transportable pole and erect it in your living room or bedroom and perform your routine exclusively for your man. After this private dance, that pole won't be the only thing that's erected.

    Home porn movies

    If One Night In Paris is anything to go by, making your own home porn should be a doddle. So why bother suffering the embarrassment of skulking around your local film store, renting out z-list porn flicks like The Erotic Witch Project and braving dodgy back alley porn shops when you can have fun filming your own? Not only will the thought of being filmed make you naturally experimental and more of an exhibitionist, but you can also look forward to watching it later and using it as a pre-cursor to sizzling sex; as an aid when indulging in a spot of dual masturbation or as a background stimulus when your having sex.

    If you fancy trying your hand at your own mini porn film, take heed of these top tips from porn director Anna Span: "You should both share using the camera and explore your point of view. Put it on auto, as you wont make a technical masterpiece anyway. Begin the scenario with a narrative, which can start with sneaky peaks outside, and if you're embarrassed try mimicking porn stars to get started and use POV (Point Of View) shots as they evoke real sex and can be very horny."

    'Couple friendly' sex toys

    Men are becoming increasingly more receptive to the idea of using sex toys as part of their sexual routine, whether it be Fleshlight Masturbators for, er, masturbation or Vibrating Cock Rings and Mini Jelly Butt Plugsfor use with their lovers. This year will see that go stratospheric, with more and more couples buying sex toys that they can use together. For the ultimate range of cool, couple-friendly sex toys, check out www.lovehoney.co.uk

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