1. Real lap and pole dancing divas

    It seems like all Channel 4 are doing these days is pumping out re-runs of old sexumentaries on lap dancing, strip clubs and swingers. Tuesday night was a perfect example. I sat down to watch a program about the lap-dancing war of the 90s, pretty confident that it couldn't be a re-run of the lap dancing sexumentary they ran earlier in the year, but sure enough it was.

    All I want to watch is a mini-series of sexumentaries about the new lap and pole-dancing craze that's got British women working up a hot sweat. Loads of my friends are taking up lap and pole dancing classes – I've been going myself for the past two years – but there has yet to be any kind of program (as far as I know) that follows beginners starting out in pole dancing classes and showing different moves, etc. Sure, you can buy specific DVDs on lap dancing, pole dancing and striptease, but why isn't there a sexumentary on what is fast becoming one of the most fun (and sexy) ways to loose weight while spicing up your sex life and boosting your personal confidence?

    I may not have a camera crew and broadcasting network at my disposal, but I've decided to do something about this: I'm going to write my own Beginner's Guide To Lap and Pole Dancing. By interviewing local dance instructors and getting their top tips on the best moves for those of you who are keen to start taking lap and pole dancing classes, as well as providing contact details for venues across Britain that offer them.

    So, keep your eyes peeled for my Beginner's Guide's within the next week, and if any of you kittens have tried your hand at either lap or pole dancing in the past, tell me about your experiences and what you think of lap and pole dancing classes by leaving a comment after this blog.

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