1. Seriously - The Rampant Rabbit Was Not In Sex And The City

    Liz Hoggard interviews Ann Summers chief Jacqueline Gold in today's Independent, off the back of her more-than-generously giving away £200,000 on the new ITV show Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway.

    The piece is long on the history of Jacqueline's mould-breaking work at Ann Summers (which is very well covered in Jacqueline Gold's autobiography) but very short on quotes and insights into her views on running a £140m pleasure empire.

    Yes, it trots out the hoary old chestnut that "the Rampant Rabbit featured in Sex and the City".

    No, no, no, no, no and, for the umptieth time, no. The Rampant Rabbit was not in Sex And The City. This rabbit vibrator was the vibrator that turned Charlotte into a recluse. Here is a picture of Carrie not buying a Rampant Rabbit in Ann Summers (which doesn't have a brand in New York).

    Yes, they're the same kind of vibrator, in the same way Pepsi and Coke are the same kind of cola, but Rampant Rabbit is not a catch-all for all kinds of rabbit just as Coke is not a catch-all for all kinds of cola.

    Like Coke, Rampant Rabbit is a registered trademark, so it is not only factually but legally wrong to call other rabbit vibrators a "Rampant Rabbit." So it is incorrect to say the Rampant Rabbit was featured in Sex And The City.

    So let's not get it wrong again, eh? Maybe I should move to Tunbridge Wells.

    Sex And The City Rabbit If you're looking for the original Sex And The City Rabbit Vibrator, here it is!