1. Dental Dams

    OK, here's one for all you girlies: the importance of using Dental Dams! I know it's not the sexiest thing you've read in a while, and I myself have been guilty of going down on a girl without using any kind of protection, but oral thrush isn't the lasting memory you want after eating out a hot woman. Unfortunately, that's the risk you take if you have a one-night stand and don't use a Dam. As my friends found out on New Year's Eve.

    Remember that swingers party I told you we were going to? Turns out that two of my old school friends always had a thing for each other, so they got it on in a big way at the swingers party. Trouble is, one of the girls had something else the other didn't know about: thrush. Both of them are feeling slightly embarrassed right now, not to mention itchy, but I'm please to say they will be meeting up again. And yes, I did give them a decent supply of Dental Dams to get on with. So now it's your turn…

    I'm assuming that you know what STI's are and how you can catch them, but remarkably some girls still don't know that you can catch an STI through lapping up the vaginal secretions of another women. The chances of catching something through oral sex may be slim compared to actual sex or anal sex, but if you have a cut or sore in your mouth you are leaving yourself open to unnecessary risk.

    Do you remember when I told you that Sasha was an active lesbian in Uni? Well, she caught a really bad case of oral thrush after dating this girl for a couple of weeks. The smell when Sasha spoke was quite foul, so I can only imagine what it was like actually having her mouth infected by the stuff.

    At the end of the day, if you want to have fun without risking your own health, Dental Dams will provide you with that essential protective barrier when going down on a girl. A small, four-inch square shaped piece of latex will mean the difference between 'Oh my god, that was awesome!' and "Oh my god, why is my mouth all swollen?'

    And let's not have any bullshit about how Dental Dams spoil the sexy mood; it takes zero amount of time to prepare and position – simply remove it from its packet, run it gently under cold water to remove the residue and place it over your lover's clit, covering her vulva and away you go!

    You could always add a waterbased lube to spice things up a bit, such as the Durex Play Tingle Lube. So please ladies, no more excuses. Dental Dams are for clued up girls who rate their health as important as their sex life, and that's the kind of woman I'd want to spend the night with.

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