1. I'm addicted to oral sex

    Ever since I was about 16-years-old, my dreams have generally had some kind of sex theme running through them. But lately, over the past few weeks or so, my dreams seem to revolve around one thing: oral sex. It doesn't matter what kind of dream I'm having – be it a nightmare, a flashback to something that has happened in my life, or a dream in which I've committed a crime or have been late for something (bizarrely, school crops up a lot) – the dream seems to stop half-way through and then it's all about me getting eaten out by whoever is in my dream.

    It's totally bizarre, but it's been happening more and more lately. One morning last week I dreamt that I was shoplifting in Liberty's (London) and I remember feeling so scared because the security guard was absolutely huge and was chasing me through the store. I got as far as the fire exit before he dragged me back in and threw me in his office, but it wasn't to call the police. He thrust me down on his desk and started to eat me out vigorously, ripping off my pants with his teeth and using his baton to fuck me. I got so turned on that I woke up and my pussy was streaming with juices.

    Another dream I had recently was that I was walking to school with my friends (even though I had no idea who the girls were) and this bus pulled over alongside us. The driver was a sexy Italian and he shouted at us because we were late for school, and told us to get on and that he'd drive us straight there. For some reason my friends said they'd rather cut school than get on his bus, but I had this overwhelming feeling that I was slipping behind in Math class, so I got on the bus. But then I became incredibly horny and opened the door to where the driver sat behind the wheel and thrust my pussy in his face. He ate me out then fucked me from behind over the steering wheel, before licking his come off my ass and eating me out from behind all over again.

    You wouldn't believe how many dreams I have about being eaten out by men and women. I once dreamt that I went for a job interview as an accountant and this real ball-buster of a woman interviewed me. One part of the interview was to see how quiet I could stay while she ate me out – obviously I screamed the place down because she sucked me so hard. I didn't get the job…

    In reality, though, I'm just as up for giving as I am receiving, so I don't get why I'm so obsessed with being eaten out in my dream state. Does anyone else have similar dreams? Or do any of you have one of those dream books where you could look this up for me? I'd be really interested to know what it means.

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    • Armoon: January 05, 2009 18:16
      I don't see any problem there, all what I can tell is that you're in need for sex, you think about it too much, and that makes you dream even more about it. But again, I don't see any problem, all I can say is, try to enjoy your dreams, dreaming about sex is fun, and with time these dreams will just leave you alone.
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