1. Sex and shopping

    Buying something expensive and decadent just because you want to experience the thrill of buying it even though you can't afford it is something we've all done at least once in our lives.

    When I was in university I rinsed my student loan for £ 1,900 to spend on a summer ball gown, only to take it back the following week because I couldn't afford to spare that much cash and make it to the end of term without dying of malnutrition.

    The reason I bought the dress in the first place – and the reason why so many people go on lavish shopping sprees when they can't afford them – is to experience the thrill of buying something utterly decadent and frivolous, but more importantly to experience that feeling of power that comes with having tons of money to spend.

    There's nothing quite like the buzz of splashing the cash, so it's no wonder how many people easily rack up serious amounts of debt.

    In the excerpt featured below, taken from Maya Hess' Customer Satisfaction, a wannabe rich girl called Adele spends way beyond her means on an almost daily basis: buying expensive antiques, paying cash deposits on expensive cars that she could never afford to actually buy, taking huge groups of friends to posh restaurants and footing the bill, all to experience that feeling of power and control that comes when spending tons of money.

    But faced with a debt of over £80,000 and angry calls from her bank manager, Mr Wetherby, Adele comes up with a way of combining her love of shopping with making tons of cash to pay off her debts: selling herself through an online auction website…

    The following excerpt is taken from a short erotic story called Customer Satisfaction by Maya Hess, published as part of Black Lace's Wicked Words: Sex And Shopping:

    'The lowest starting price for an evening with Adele, including talking dirty, a sexy outfit and half an hour watching her play with a vibrator, was fifteen hundred pounds. She hoped to net double that. At the other end of the scale, Adele had implied total mind and body possession for 24 hours – a do-with-me-what-you-will auction – and the first offer over ten thousand pounds would secure the deal.

    "Well I only want rich people buying me," Adele said with a grin as she viewed her lovely website, "Mr Wetherby would be proud of me. I shall have my debts paid off in no time and all the fun a girl could want."

    A moment after midnight, someone had bid on The Big One. A stranger had agreed to pay ten thousand pounds to own Adele for twenty four hours and she wanted to ensure he got the fuck of his life…

    Adele strode confidently into the hotel lobby and was immediately faced with a hundred possibilities. Some kind of conference had attracted virtually every good looking man in the country and picking out the mystery bidder would be tricky…

    "I'd recognize you better without your clothes." A hand was on her shoulder and a voice as reassuring as warm honey drizzled in her ear. She smelt expensive cologne, too. Adele turned.

    "David," he said, extending one hand, "You are even more stunning in real life."

    "Cash OK with you?" He winked, raising a brown leather briefcase. Adele relaxed a little, knowing she was well on her way to getting the dreadful Mr Wetherby off her back.

    "Fine," she replied, feeling as if she downed three gin and tonics at once. The lift carried them to the fifth floor, her body stripped to the core. Adele nearly melted into the plush carpet as she watched David unlock the door to a magnificent suite.

    The man was a god. I she'd picked him herself, she couldn't have done better. He was tall, dressed perfectly in jeans that showed off his buttocks, and a pale shirt and linen jacket with his hair, ever so slightly graying in a way that told of experience, brushing the collar.

    "Do you often buy your women on the Internet? Adele asked. "Impulse purchase." He smiled, placing the suitcase on the king size bed and clicked it open. Adele begged her mouth not to drop open as a diamond-like radiance burst from within the case. "Would you like to count it?"

    "Oh, yes please." Adele's fingers twitched at the chance to touch the cash just as much as they longed to explore her client's diving body. She sat on the bed and pulled out the neat wads of notes before peeling them apart and dealing them out in a patchwork on the bed.

    Then she pulled her long hair from its clip, lay back in the sea of cash and spiked one pencil-thin heel through a crisp fifty. "It all seems to be there,' she said, not having counted one single note. "Which means I'm all yours."

    Adele dragged her arms through the money and rolled onto her front, giggling as she heard a champagne cork pop just like she would if the mystery buyer didn't get deep inside her soon.

    "Here,' he said, trailing the cold glass along the back of Adele's long legs. "Have some of this while we talk… You're broke, aren't you?" David poured more champagne and it seemed that he meant for a dose to spill on Adele's leg. "I do apologize," he said and bent down to lick it off before it dribbled onto the cash.

    "How did you guess?" Her voice was barely there, shattered by his warm tongue against her skin. David peeled the fine fabric of Adele's dress from her legs, exposing her smooth skin right up to the edge of her tiny knickers. Then he tipped the flute just enough to spill a taste of chilled champagne onto the triangle of silk.

    "At least you can afford some new ones now," he offered before cleaning up the mess. "Or are you so deeply in debt that I'm going to have to buy you over and over again?" David eased the fabric aside and kissed her freshly marinated sex like he was kissing her mouth.

    The array of fifty pound notes crackled beneath them as David grinned and worked his way out of his clothing. "Let me guess," he teased. "Eighty to ninety thousand pounds in the red although mentally you're well on your way to the half-million mark with everything you'd like to own?"

    The man's skills of deduction would have impressed Adele immensely if she hadn't been greeted by his named erection offered conveniently to her lips. She simply nodded and sucked gratefully on the most handsome thing she had ever seen. "I bet your bank manager loves you, with all the juicy interest you're paying."

    Even through the long strokes gliding up and down his shaft, the man maintained his self-control and stayed focused on discovering just how deep Adele's financial troubles ran. He pulled out of her mouth so she could speak.

    "Don't talk to me about my bank manager. Not if you want have sex with me." The thought of Mr Wetherby briefly curdled the thrill building between her legs.

    "Just think the complete opposite of you. He's a miserable old man who probably hasn't had a fuck in years and gets his kicks from hassling hard-working people like me." She licked the silver bead forming on the end of David's cock.

    David gripped his purchase by the shoulders and turned her roughly onto her front. In a moment, his strong hands had lifted her hips and teased open the clear-cut line of her smooth sex. "Have you ever actually met him?"

    Adele's face melted into the cash as she felt the tip of David's erection touch her sex for the first time. "No," she managed, crunching a fistful of notes as he ever so slowly worked himself inside her. She moaned, really not wanting to discuss the man further.

    "You're not entirely qualified to pass judgment then, are you" Self-control slipped away with every inch that was lost inside Adele. David reached around her slim waist and ground himself so deep that it was hard to tell where his body ended and hers began.

    David was pounding now, sparing no thought for her reply. He sex pulsed, gripping him, squeezing him as the first stirrings of climax spiraled within. She wanted to come a thousand times and at that moment didn't care a jot about her stupid bank manager.

    "Well?" David insisted, slowing his rhythm, leaving Adele hovering in the brink of her first orgasm. "Yes, yes, you're right. I should wait until I meet Me Wetherby before I call him an uptight, nagging old git."

    David seemed to approve and cast Adele onto her back in one deft move. A shower of money rained onto the floor as he plunged inside her again, rapidly working her back to the edge of orgasm, his own climax also imminent.

    Adele stared up at the man above her, hardly able to believe that her first buyer should be so perfect. She prayed that he had endless cash so that he would visit her website time and time again. Keen to ensure he did, she pulled him down by his lean, muscle bound shoulders and wrapped her long legs around his back with her heels digging into his buttocks.

    "I'm… not… uptight… or miserable," he said, then his back arced in a series of whole body spasms as the new, deep position finally tipped him over the edge.

    Adele felt hot spurts inside her as her own perfectly timed climax milked David with wave after wave of delicious orgasm. God, she should be paying him for the pleasure. They lay, their bodies skimmed with sweat while Adele stroked and kissed every inch of his body. Then she stopped.

    "Why say that?" She asked, sitting up and leaning over him. "Why would I think you're uptight? Adele felt her cheeks colour. She didn't think she wanted him to answer. Instead, David reached for his jeans, took out his wallet and extracted a business card. "Always a pleasure to meet clients," he added after handing it to Adele.

    "Oh hell," she said as she read. 'David J Wetherby. General Manager.' Printed underneath his name was her own bank's name and address. "I'm even further in debt now, aren't I?" Thinking quickly, Adele plunger her mouth onto his semi-hard cock, working him back again before he could be angry.

    "Deeply, deeply in debt," he managed between involuntary gasps. "And it's going to take an absolute age for you to pay it back."