1. Is myspace the biggest dating agency in the world?

    How many people have myspace accounts these days? Two million? Three million? While I'm not exactly sure how many myspace users there are out there, I'm proud to say that I'm now officially one of them.

    When I first pondered over the idea of setting up my own myspace account – you can visit me at www.myspace.com/badkittysdirtywords – I did question whether I was setting up an account just to fit in with everyone else or whether it was because I genuinely wanted my own myspace account to make new friends.

    Since setting up my profile a few weeks ago, I've been slowly trying to add friends who would get turned on by my Dirty Words; who are in the sex industry or who just want to read something naughty from time to time. Even though my profile has only been up for a few weeks (I've been a bit naughty and haven't been looking for new friends to add yet), I've still been chatting with some very interesting and sexy new 'friends.'

    A few young guys who are now friends on my site have caught my eye, and I've been emailing them for the past few weeks, but one in particular sounds like my kind of guy. So much so, in fact, that I'm going on a date with him this Wednesday night! I know what you're thinking: 'how could she go on a date with someone she's never even seen?' But don't worry, I've seen photos of him and he looks extremely normal (did I also mention sexy?). Besides, I may be a Bad Kitty, but I'm not a stupid kitty… we're going to a very public place for our date on Wednesday. A bit too public for me, but hey – safety first!

    I'll fill you in on what happened towards the end of the week… I'm actually feeling nervous about this one.

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    • Beany: December 14, 2006 14:24
      Have you had the date yet? What happened? I've got a myspace page but i've never got round to doing anything with it... within the first day of having it up and running i got so many emails from strange men in foreign countries wanting to be my new best friends that scared i haven't been back since!
    • Bad kitty: December 19, 2006 11:26

      Yes, I had that date... for my sins. I've just put up a blog about it – going on another date soon, but not with the guy from last week. Have you logged on to your myspace account since? It's a lot of fun, honest!

      What about the rest of you? Anyone ever dated/thinking of dating someone they've met on myspace? I'd be interested to know x

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