1. The new iBuzz Two - buy it now!

    iBuzz TwoChristmas has come early this year. The lovely folk at Lovehoney have sent me a raunchy little present to play with – the brand new
    iBuzz Two! I first got my hands on the iBuzz back last year, and considering how that little gem still rocks my world on a regular basis, you can understand why I was so excited to get its much naughtier little brother through the post.

    Unlike the original iBuzz, the iBuzz Two is much sleeker, much smaller and much sexier because it has been designed for you AND your lover to use at the same time. With a gorgeous pink Rabbit attachment to tickle your clit and a juicy bobbled cock ring to send filthy vibrations through your man's penis, the iBuzz Two is the perfect toy for getting you both off at the same time…

    My lover and I played with the iBuzz Two several times last night. We decided to try out three different genres of music to see which one got the best out of the iBuzz Two. We choose metal, hip-hop and pop. For our metal test we chose a song by Korn called Got The Life, and the down-tuned guitar riffing, heavy basslines and fast metal drumbeats had my lover's penis throbbing with horniness before we even hit the first chorus.

    The song we chose for the hip-hop genre was Jay-Z's Justify My Thug, which had an even heavier bassline but at a much slower tempo, coaxing out some hard and steady vibrations from the iBuzz Two. I came within seconds, and watching me writhe around and spreading my legs wide while the Rabbit nuzzled away at my clit to Jay-Z made my lover come all over his cock ring.

    By the time we came to our pop choice, Kylie's Can't Get You Out Of My Head, the iBuzz was raring to go and my lover and I were so horny we decided to fuck and use the iBuzz Two at the same time. My lover thrusted away at me while his penis was pounding with the iBuzz's vibrating cock ring, and I used the Rabbit attachment on my anus and the top of my clit. Neither of us lasted very long because we were so horny, but our orgasms were incredibly intense and lengthy.

    The only downside to the iBuzz Two is that the length of the cable connecting the vibrating bullets to the iBuzz unit could have been longer, giving more room to maneuver. If LoveLabs decide to make an iBuzz Three (presumably for three people to use), they should make it wireless and provide a nifty little remote control instead. Imagine how much more fun threesomes would be with an iBuzz involved!

    Overall, if you're into music and crave incredible orgasms, be smart and combine your favourite MP3 player with our generations must have sex toy: the iBuzz Two. Hey, you now have the perfect excuse to build up your CD collection!

    How to use the iBuzz Two
    For those of you who are new to the iBuzz phenomenon, according to LoveLabs (the genius company who invented it) the iBuzz Two is a 'musical orgasm machine.' Confused? You needn't be, because the concept is dead simple. The iBuzz Two, much like the original iBuzz, is a cool little vibrator unit that you attach to your iPod or MP3 player for multiple orgasms. Basically, the iBuzz has four sockets: one for your MP3 player, one for the vibrating bullets supplied and two for your two sets of headphones.

    With two headphone sockets located on the top of the iBuzz unit, you and your lover can listen to the same song that's playing through your MP3 player, bringing you both to an incredible orgasm as you share the speed and intensity of the iBuzz Two's vibrations depending on which song you choose. Read this nifty step-by-step guide to using the iBuzz Two and you'll both be singing your way to orgasm in seconds.

    Step-by-step guide to using your iBuzz Two
    Plug both of the supplied vibrating silver bullets into the smallest socket located on the bottom of the iBuzz Two. Then connect your iPod or MP3 player to the other socket on the bottom.

    Attach the supplied Rabbit sleeve to your bullet and the bobbled cock ring to your lover's bullet.

    Plug yours and your lover's headphones into the sockets located on the top of the iBuzz Two then chose which song you're going to play.

    Flick the switch on the iBuzz Two and make sure it's in Position 1, Music Mode, which means that the vibrating bullets will pump out good vibes in time to your music. If you don't have an MP3 player to hand, switch it to the Pattern or Speed mode and dictate what speed and patterns you want without being activated by music.

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