1. iBuzz Two - the iPod sex toy for couples!

    Another Lovehoney world exclusive! We could have called it the world's fourth iPod sex toy, or the world's first Zune sex toy, but instead we've decided to call it the world's best music-activated sex toy for couples.

    iBuzz Two is the new-version of the best-selling iBuzz music-activated vibrator. You plug it into your iPod (or any music player) and its bullets vibrate in time to the music.

    iBuzz Two goes one-step further than all other music-activated vibrators by letting you plus two sets of headphones straight into the control unit - not fiddly adaptor required.

    This means that both you and your partner can listen to your music while you get jiggy with the music-activated vibrating twin bullets. ROCK ON!

    Check out the iBuzz Two mini site now for more details and a rather neat little animation…