1. Are you a naughty webcam user?

    Hey guys

    Do you, or anyone you know, use a webcame for erotic purposes? Do you broadcast yourself to an adoring fanbase from the privacy of your own bedroom? If so, I want to hear from you asap. What I have to tell you is very exciting, so if you're into webcams, drop me a line now! x x x

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    • Chris: December 11, 2006 14:51
      I'm a man who's been known to use the webcam now and again... :)
    • Bad kitty: December 19, 2006 11:29
      Hey Chris!

      Drop me a line, you saucy thing – I have something interesting to tell you if you're into naughty webcam usage.

      If the rest of you are into it too, email me or leave a comment here x

    • will: March 03, 2007 18:43
      heya gals im a webcam master hehe so come add me and lets have sum fun ...
    • Nik: July 22, 2007 16:30
      I love to play cam. Both on my own or with my girlfriend.
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