1. Men love to be fingered in the ass

    It's not just girls who love the odd finger or two slipped in our ass during foreplay or sex. And it's not just girls who can be fucked with a few fingers and a lover's tongue. Guys get off on it just as much, as you'll find out by reading the excerpt below featuring a wheelchair-bound guy and a horny librarian, taken from Mathilde Madden's Wheels On Fire, published in Wicked Words 10: The Best Of Wicked Words (Black Lace):

    'I don't remember how we got there, but it hardly took any time at all. I hurriedly showed her around my flat, which she surveyed with a polite lack of interest until we reached the bedroom.

    We both stared at my unmade bed. For minutes. 'You can get into bed without any help, right?' she whispered eventually, as if not wanting to disturb the charged atmosphere our mutual heavy breathing had cast in the small room.


    'Well go on then.' She said.

    Within moments we were in the bed, both naked and her mouth was clamped on mine. She was rough, driving her way inside and sucking brutally on my lower lip. Her skin against mine felt so good. It was all I could do not to come just from the sound of her rapid heart-beat and the feel of her heat.

    She moved from my mouth, nipping her way across my cheek until she reached my ear. 'I want to fuck you with my mouth,' she hissed.

    I laughed. 'Don't you mean you want me to fuck you with my mouth?'

    'No.' She rolled me onto my stomach with an impassioned sigh. Once I was positioned the way she wanted, she straddled my legs and bent down to flicker her tongue across my exposed buttocks. I flinched, uneasy, not sure if this was something I wanted but somehow I couldn't find the words to tell her to stop. So I quivered there beneath her as she let her tongue dart everywhere. Absolutely everywhere.

    I gasped when she nudged at my little hidden hole, at the same time splaying me with one hand so that I was open and wanton for her. And then I found myself moaning as she teasingly let her tongue lap over that hot little mouth, again and again, until it was so hungry that I was thrusting my hips up to meet her every caress. Aching. Aching for something. Anything. More.

    Responding to my desperate thrusting, she pushed the very tip of my tongue gently inside me. I was so needy and desperate for her by that point that I bucked like an animal, half begging and half sobbing, my face buried in the pillows while my desperate erection ground against the mattress.

    Thankfully my frustration didn't last long. One of her hands snaked underneath me, forming a lubricated fist around my cock. I thrust into the warm soft well gratefully. Seconds later her tongue, which was starting to feel hopelessly small inside me, was replaced by a finger, then two, and the most amazing sensation as she stroked her way inside me with her other hand, fucking me decisively. I'd never felt anything like it.

    And in moments, with her hands manipulating me from every direction, I was spasming for her soaking the sheets beneath me, half screaming, half blacking out.'

    She held me for a long while after that, brushing my hair away from my face, waiting until I had recovered. Eventually I found I could speak again. 'If that was a pity fuck,' I breathed, 'then I think I do need your pity.'

    'She propped herself up on her elbow and looked down at me. 'It's only a pity if we don't do that again,' she said, emphasizing her point with a brief kiss before clambering from the bed and walking naked into the kitchen of my tiny flat.

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    • Tilly: November 11, 2006 20:23
      Hi Kitty.

      Glad you liked my story. I loved writing it and actually ended up spinning it into a whole novel - Equal Opportunities.

      Nice to see you interviewing my pal Sarah Hedley too.


    • Bad Kitty: November 14, 2006 12:34
      Hi Tilly

      I thought your story was brilliant – would love to read the book!

      Let me know if you fancy being on my Dirty Talk Show sometime soon...

      Bad Kitty x x x

    • Tilly: November 14, 2006 12:58
      Hi Kitty

      If you send your address to tilly [at] mathildemadden [dot] co [dot] uk I'll send you a review copy of the book.

      And sure show sounds like fun - I'd love to do it.


    • becx: April 26, 2007 23:34
      i loved reading a clip of your book, i was remebering a silmular time when i did that to my boyfriend,men seem to think the ass being played with is a bit gay if they admit to loving it i havint met one man who wasnt blow away by playing in different ways and there lots who havent deared do it to there man so go girls go for it and play the art in gentle till trusted and then learn and try other things they will love you forever!!!!!!!!
    • darius: November 06, 2007 21:13
      i want my girlfriend to play with my arse but she gets a bit coy. any advice on getting her to give me the finger :)?