1. How to give your lover a sensual massage

    I love nothing more than coming home from a busy day at work and being pampered and treated to a bubble bath, some scented candles, gorgeous champagne and a long, sensual massage.

    Not only does a massage help to relieve my stress levels, but it also provides my lover with a great opportunity to explore and stimulate my erogenous zones, making me feeling much more turned on and receptive to sex.

    When it comes to choosing a massage oil I usually go for one that contains Ylang Ylang, which is known for its aphrodisiac properties, but any luxurious and slightly scented oil will work just as well. It's worth noting, however, that if your lover has sensitive skin, non-perfumed massage oil would be a better choice.

    Follow the step-by-step guide below, and give your lover a sensual treat that will relax and unwind him in the bedroom:

    1. Creating an erotic atmosphere is essential when giving a sensual massage, so make sure you light some scented candles, wear some sexy underwear and scatter rose petals on your bed. Most importantly, don't attempt to massage any part of your lover's body without using oil.

    2. When it comes to a sensual massage, the best place to start is with your lover's head. Make sure your fingernails are both cleaned and filed, then start to stimulate your lover's scalp by tracing small, delicate circles over his skin and gently raking your fingernails through his hair. If you want to encompass some erogenous exploration into this part of your massage, gently nibble his earlobes and kiss the back of his neck.

    3. Your lover's nipples are just as responsive to stimulation as yours, so make sure you pay attention to his by biting and licking them gently when massaging his chest. Start with long strokes over and around your lover's chest muscles, then knead your fingers into his chest while varying the pressure and direction of your movements.

    4. The sides of your lover's abdomen are also highly receptive to stimulation, so concentrate on this area with some long, luscious and firm strokes that span horizontally across his lower abdomen, moving from one side across to the other and back again. Using this horizontal stroke, you can start to make your way down towards his tummy and thighs.

    5. Most men love to have their buttocks stroked, squeezed and kneaded, so play around and explore this often-neglected erogenous zone and find out exactly what your lover likes when it comes to his buttocks and anus.

    6. It goes without saying that the penis is an erogenous hot spot, so end your sensual massage with a bang by using a series of genital massages to bring your lover to a sensual, mind-blowing orgasm. My favourite form of genital massage to perform on a lover's penis is called 'The Squeeze,' which involves holding your lover's penis in one hand while gently squeezing upwards towards the head, while rubbing the palm of your other hand across the tip of your lover's penis.

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