1. Get raunchy with text sex

    Text sex is one of the easiest and least embarrassing ways to enhance your dirty words vocabulary for two reasons:

    Firstly, you won't feel as embarrassed talking dirty on a text message as you would face to face with your lover.
    Secondly, it gives you more time to think of a kinky response.

    The best way to start is by sending your lover a quick message on your way to work. You should keep it filth-free to begin with, but full of sexy promise of what is to come. For example, if you spent the night together you could say something like, 'Last night was amazing, but nothing compared to what will happen tonight…'

    The promise of something sexy and intriguing is a sure-fire way to elicit a response from your lover and to get them thinking about you in an erotic way, which will in turn make them feel horny. The next step is to send a flirty but complimentary text telling your lover what turns you on most about their body. For example, 'I love your cute ass and your strong, muscular thighs. I love squeezing them between my legs when you fuck me…'

    After this text you can really start getting into it, as your lover will be in no doubt as to what response you're looking for. You'll find that their enthusiasm and horniness will encourage you to become much more playful and sexually confident with your text messages, eventually leading to you saying what you want – it could be describing a fantasy, what position you want to be fucked in, something new that you want to try but never had the guts to mention before, or how you want him to go down on you. The possibilities of text sex are endless.

    Because of its nature (you're both away from each other, hence the texting), the general aim of text sex is for you to both orgasm through masturbation over the thought of all those dirty words you've been exchanging. If you're in work, you'll have to make do with the privacy of a toilet cubicle, but if your at home you can use your vibe and all manner of naughty toys to spice up your text sex shenanigans – and tell your lover exactly what your doing and how they are making you feel with their dirty words.

    You could even send your lover a quick text if they've just popped down your local store for some milk on a Sunday morning. You could say for example, 'Why don't you pick up some squirty cream while you're there? Then bring it straight to the bedroom where I'll be waiting…with no clothes on.'

    If, like me, you believe that all good things come to those who wait, text sex is the best way to work yourself up throughout a day in work so that when you get home, sex is the only thing on your mind. Fulfilling all those dirty commands, fantasies and wishes exchanged between you and your lover will result in some of the most exhilarating sex you'll ever have.

    Remember, text sex spares you the embarrassment of face-to-face dirty talk, so let your dirty mouth run wild!

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    • Charlie: July 28, 2018 18:36
      Go on then. What’s the naughtiest kinkiest thing that you can think of doing to me. Young straight guy who loves anything from piss play, to deep anal fisting, you and me!
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