1. Diary of a nymphomaniac

    We've all had moments when we feel horny as hell in work, but unless you carry a Mini Rabbit vibe around in your bag there's little you can do about it without attracting attention to yourself in the Ladies.

    And what about if some horny guy moves into the flat across the hall from you? What would you do to satisfy your craving for him? In the case of Bettina Varese's Diary Of A Nymph erotic short story, anything she damn well pleases…

    The excerpt taken below is from Erotica 1: Bettina's Tales, Erotic Short Stories, collected by Bettina Varese (The Collective)


    Had the most amazing bit of luck today at lunchtime. I was feeling as randy as hell this morning. I gave myself a good fingering in the toilets at work, but that didn't do the trick. It just gave me a stitch, as it wasn't a very comfortable position. Anyway, I went out at lunchtime to get a sandwich and I bumped into Phil. He is always a randy old sod.

    He didn't disappoint me and asked me back to his flat to eat – but it wasn't a snack he had in mind. I'd only just sat down when he dropped to the floor, pulled off my panties and pushed my legs apart so that he could give me a good licking. God his tongue felt ace. He sucked me dry, and I gave his cock a really good seeing to.

    I love eating cock and he fits my mouth so well. It's divine letting my tongue lick up and down his throbbing prick, tasting his salty cum as it oozes from the tip. I love to tease him, and right when he can't take anymore I like to sit on his huge erection and ride him until I feel him explode inside me.

    He knows exactly what to do with his fingers, and he can always make me orgasm. Mind you, it was only lunch break so we didn't have long. I just had time to clean myself up before going back to work, and boy was I starving all afternoon. He asked me back for lunch tomorrow, but we'll have to see.

    Anyway, I thought I'd had all the luck for one day, but things got better. I got home the normal time to find this really hunky guy moving into the flat downstairs. He obviously worked out, as his body looked really toned and his shoulders were broad. So I decided to play 'Little Girl Lost' and pretended I had locked myself out. He fell for that old gag, hook, line and sinker, and it was only a matter of minutes before I was inside his flat. I turned on the tears and played dizzy, but I didn't have to try to hard as I could see him eyeing me up when he thought I was crying.

    He came over to where I was sitting and put his arm around me, giving it the old TLC. When his face got close enough, I kissed him full on the lips and stuck my tongue in his mouth. Typical male, I could feel his cock raising to the bait, so it wasn't very hard getting him to fuck the living daylights out of me. He stood me in front of him and one by one undid the buttons on my dress, which feel to the floor. Then he pulled my panties down and sank his head into my cunt. What bliss! He even admired the fact that I'd shaved my pussy. He said it made his job so much easier, and as I opened my legs I felt his tongue searching my already soaking wet pussy and his hands massaged my bottom, playing with the crack of my arse, which was such a turn on.

    Then he stripped off his clothes and I saw his enormous cock bounce to attention as he pulled off his underpants. I could smell the scent of him and took him into my mouth as deep as I could, licking at is as he groaned with pleasure. He was a bit rough as he pushed me to the floor and plunged his huge cock into my tight pussy. His roughness turned me on even more. His hips arched in time to my cunt as he thrust himself in and out of me. After on almighty sigh, I felt his warm cum shoot into me as he shuddered and orgasmed.

    But I was not disappointed by his quickie fuck, because when he withdrew he pushed my legs wide apart and sucked on my clit with his hot, hungry mouth until I came. It was so intense I had to push him away in case I pissed all over him. Writing this down has made me feel really horny, so I'll finish now and play with my vibrator…'