1. Amy Day of Am Statik Latex : My First Time At A Fetish Club

    Amy Day of Am Statik Latex : My First Time At A Fetish Club

    Amy Day is a 23 year old fetish fashion prodigy. She is the sole proprietor and designer for Am Statik latex, a company she launched in December 2009. She studied fashion at the University of Bath where she first started experimenting with latex design in 2008.

    Amy is also a regular attendee at fetish events in London and became a scene pin-up after her first ever fetish club experience, which didn't exactly go according to plan:

    “I remember the first time I ever saw latex. It was while I was studying fashion at university in Bath and I was out with friends at the local rock club. It was Hella I actually saw, she was wearing a shiny black latex outfit and I was fascinated by the fabric and had to know how it worked, which is when I started experimenting.

    A friend invited me along to Torture Garden as my first fetish club experience. I decided to make myself an outfit for it, so I put together a flowery top and skirt from latex. I didn't know much about the fabric at the time, so I didn't put a zip into and I had to wiggle them on. It was really tight, but I thought that was how it was supposed to be so it would be fine.

    It got to about 9pm and I bent down to do something and my skirt split in two before I'd even made it to the club. I was mortified and was running around saying, “I can't go, I can't go!”. My sister randomly managed to find a pair of knickers that were the same colour as the outfit I had made, so I borrowed those. There was no salvaging the skirt, so I literally just had to wear a top and knickers.

    I walked into the club with my coat done up tightly around me. As I walked in I was thinking: 'Oh my God, I have nothing on my bottom half. I've only got pants on.' and thought I'd spend the whole night in my coat. As we got into the main club, the first guy I saw was wearing his cock on a leash and nothing else. Funnily enough I felt absolutely fine in my outfit after that.

    I walked around in awe as to how open everyone was and had a really good time. I've been visiting ever since and since launching Am Statik, I've had much more involvement, with my first ever fashion show on stage in December 2009 and my second at Torture Garden in September 2010.

    There are always a few people at fetish clubs who are a bit seedy, but most of the attendees are so friendly and up for talking about their experiences and unusual things that it's easy to feel at home.”