1. Sperm Tester Maya - Diary - THE END

    Friday, we went out and got drunk, came home and cooked and then just crashed in bed. I know, I know. It seems as though I'm becoming an alcoholic… I have drunk too much recently… Not good but will be sensible next week. Honest.

    Today Shane and I engaged in an activity that is a fave with both of us… A nice long an relaxed oral sex session. I really love it when he goes down on me and I think he has such a beautiful cock! What can I say? I'm a very lucky girl.

    Anyway, although Shane's precome tasted delicious, neither that nor his come tasted of apples I'm afraid to say…

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    • Satellite: October 18, 2006 17:50
      Will there be a follow-up trial?
    • Richard: November 06, 2006 11:15
      We don't have plans to run a follow-up trial of the Sperm Tester project, but we'll certainly be testing other products in our range - in public! Please e-mail us with any suggestions for things you'd like to see tested.
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    1. Yes, please! Email me when there are more comments after mine