1. Touch yourself and get filthy

    This week, you will be playing a naughty game with your partner to enhance your dirty words vocabulary. Quite simply, the game will involve exploring each other's erogenous zones and combining your erotic exploration with sexual commands.

    Before starting this game, set the mood by having a candle-lit bath with your lover. Make sure you are both immaculately clean by the time you step out of the bath so that you are both confident in letting each other explore some of the most intimate areas of your body.

    What are your erogenous zones?

    Erogenous zones differ for everyone, and it's not as simple as saying 'these are a man's erogenous zones and these are a woman's.' What that means is that you should take the zones listed below as mere suggestions or starting points and then explore for yourself. You and your lover may find that you share many of the same sexy spots, or that you have some you have never discovered before.

    Generally speaking, female erogenous zones are considered to be:

    Your ears and neck

    Your breasts and nipples

    The sides of your chest

    Your wrists, feet and toes

    The back of your knees

    Your clitoris

    The outside of your vagina

    Your G-spot

    The inside of your thighs

    Your perineum

    Your anus and outer anal rim

    Male erogenous zones are considered to be:

    His ears and neck

    His nipples

    His abdomen

    The sides of his chest

    His feet and toes

    His penis

    His testicles

    The inside of his thighs

    His perineum

    His outer anal rim

    His prostate gland

    Stock up on sexy props

    Now that you have a fair idea of where you can start to explore each other's erogenous zones, it's time to implement the other part of our game.

    What I love to do most when playing this game is line-up some props that I can use to explore my lover's sweet spots. I show my lover what I'm going to use – my tongue, my hands, my feet, my hair and my body, but also some whipped cream, ice cubes, champagne, some tickling feathers and body paint. I then blindfold my lover while I begin to gently explore his erogenous zones. Blindfolding him while I explore his body allows him to lie back and relax.

    Talk dirty with erogenous play

    Once you have gathered your props and blindfolded your lover, they will then need to participate in the game. The basic rule is that whenever you discover one of your lover's erogenous zones, they have to tell you what prop to use and exactly what they want you to do in that zone. For example, 'I want you to drizzle honey over the inside of my thighs and lick it off.'

    You can then interact in the sexy talk by telling them how much you love doing it, and what else you would love to do in that particular erogenous zone. For example, 'I really lover licking honey off your inner thigh, so now I'm going to squirt cream on the base of your penis and lick it all the way to the top.'

    When you are both comfortable with these exchanges, begin to introduce some dirty words to enhance the descriptions of what you're doing. For example, 'I'm going to trace this ice cube across your manly nipples, then slide it all the way down towards your solid cock.'

    When you have explored as many of your lover's erogenous zones as you both want, swap positions and allow your lover to do the exact same thing to you, while upping your game with the level of dirty words you use.

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