1. Dirty Words Masterclass: More dirty talk - erotic reading to get you fired up

    More dirty talk – erotic reading to get you fired up

    So, how did it go the other night? Did you try those two simple examples I talked you through last week? Asking and sharing about what turns you and your lover on in bed is a major step towards full-blown dirty talk. It can be a little embarrassing for some though, and it will take them a while to make that leap between "Oooh" and "Oooh, I love it when you lick me there."

    So, if you were among those who felt a bit too exposed when sharing and asking your lover what turns them on, and vice versa, I've got a nifty trick that will help enhance you sexual confidence and make it easier for you to start talking dirty to one another.

    Buy an erotic book

    What I normally do if I'm feeling a bit shy with a new lover is get out one of my favourite erotic books and read them a few naughty quotes or steamy passages. What this helps to do is get us both used to speaking and hearing dirty words in front of one another, which helps to create a more relaxed atmosphere where we can start talking dirty more freely.

    All you need to do for this exercise is choose an erotic book that turns you on. Lovehoney.co.uk have a fantastic selection of books to choose from, and some of my favourites include Nancy Friday's Forbidden Flowers, Searching For Sex by Emma Allenand More Wicked Words – An Erotic Story Collection by Black Lace.

    Keep it short but sexy

    Short stories are particularly good to read out because they tend to get to the juicy parts quite early on, so if you get flustered and panic when trying to find a dirty passage to read, you will have no problems with a short erotic tale.

    When choosing a story, make sure you feel comfortable reading it out, but more importantly make sure it is something that you and your lover would like to read about. After all, there's no point reading a passage about anal sex if it doesn't appeal to either of you. Go for a fantasy story or read out some tips on how to perform a particularly sexy position; you will soon find that acquainting yourself with dirty words by reading excerpts to your lover will make you want to talk dirty yourself.

    Set the scene

    Remember the golden rule of trying anything new when it comes to sex is creating the right atmosphere. You won't get the effect you're looking for if you start reading a passage from Lady Chatterley's Lover on the tube, so it's best to keep your erotic reading to a private space within your home, such as your bedroom.

    Set the mood beforehand by lighting some scented candles, pour a glass of wine or champagne for both of you and wear something sexy to enhance the seductive vibes you want to promote.

    Take your erotic reading to the next level

    When you are fully comfortable with reading out different passages to each other, the next step is to write your own sexy excerpt or naughty short story. It's an incredible turn-on for your lover to hear seductive, sultry, sexy words tumbling from your lips, especially if you have written them yourself. And imagine the effect it will have on you when your lover gets visibly aroused by something that you have written!

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