1. My hot lesbian sex

    Sasha. It doesn't matter how many times I try to forget about her; how much I try to block her from my mind, I just can't get this women out of my head. Her tight, silky ass. Her pert, perfect breasts with their berry-red nipples. Her curvaceous mouth and bee-stung lips. Her pussy, wet, warm, clean-shaven.

    Ever since we were in University together, I've never had such hot sex with anyone as I have with her. Never have I been so turned on by anyone, male or female, as I have been with Sash.

    I promised you that I would tell you about what happened when she came over last week to talk about our failed attempt at a threesome, during our group holiday in Mauritius. So here it is.

    She wanted to talk to me about what had happened on holiday, and I knew her husband Jeremy wanted to try another threesome with us, but I didn't quite expect what happened the other night…

    I was in the kitchen of my one bedroom flat when I heard the intercom ring. Maybe it's women's intuition, or maybe I just wanted to see her so badly that I was putting myself out on a limb, but before I even pressed the button to see who it was I knew Sash was outside my flat. My heart was pounding as I put down the glass I was rinsing. I crossed the kitchen floor and headed in to the hallway. The intercom rang again, much longer this time than the last.

    My hand was on the button in seconds. Lips trembling, I answered in a quiver and let Sash in. I could hear her running up the flight of stairs where I stood with my front door open. As she bounded round the corner, just four steps away from me, I felt an immense wave of nausea. What is it about this woman that has such a gut-wrenching effect on me?

    We didn't say a word as she tumbled towards me, her knees appearing to be as weak as mine. She clamped her mouth on mine, cherry flavoured lipgloss and a faint trace of wine. I pulled her towards me then pushed her backwards to close the door behind us. Pinned against the back of my door, she kept trying to push me forward into the kitchen as I kept her firmly pinned by the mouth and arms; coats and scarves tumbling around us as they shook from their brass hooks.

    She finally pushed me backward onto the floor, falling on top of me, her hands inside my braless vest, pulling it over my head and tugging at my necklace as it went. As I pulled fast at her belt and jean zip, she grasped my naked breast and sucked on my nipple, biting and licking it with an immense orgasmic appetite. I could feel my clit throbbing white-hot, and when I squeezed my hand into Sasha's jeans and silk panties, the hot juice flowing from her pussy was just too tempting not to taste.

    I pulled my wet fingers from her and into my mouth; her tongue meeting mine to lap up her sex juice. But that wasn't enough, so I rolled on top of her petite frame and traced my tongue from her full lips, over and around her excited red nipples down to where I had wanted to be for the past few weeks.

    Her clit was pulsating, throbbing in my mouth as I swilled my tongue over it, lapping at it and sucking it deep into my mouth as I ate her pussy and licked at her ass. My fingers were grinding away at her soaking vagina and I just knew she wanted to come hard and fast, so I placed one finger in her ass and looked up just in time to see her beautiful body arch as she moaned and screamed in ecstasy.

    As she lay there panting on the kitchen floor, I didn't need to come to feel any better than I did at that moment. But when she thrust her face into my dripping pussy, I was powerless to do anything but push my clit further into her wide-open mouth.

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    • mary-lou: April 03, 2009 14:33
      i am a lesbian and i love to fuk mi gf infact if this guy down mi road was a gal iwud fuk him coz he is soooo fit and anyway i dont like cox :P
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