1. Spank me hard

    My name is Bad kitty and I have been a very Bad Kitty.

    I promised you that last Friday you would be reading the first in a master class series of how to talk dirty to your lover. I didn't post it. But I have a very good reason why it didn't appear.

    Sash came round – she completely caught me off-guard. I don't want to go into it right now because I want you to read what you should have read on Friday, but I will tell you what happened with Sash soon.

    I said to you last week that if you didn't 'turn up to school on time, I'll punish you.' Well, since I missed class, if any of you want to give me a good, hard spanking, bring it on! I'll be waiting with my Sports Sheets Love Hearts paddle…

    Anyway, enough of that for now. Click on the 'Dirty words master class: why and how to talk dirty' blog and learn how to whip your lover into a frenzy with your newfound dirty tongue. What are you waiting for?

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