1. Sperm Tester Sarah - Diary - Day 18

    Jason got home about 8. I was watching a DVD in the bedroom. Jason had a shower and came to bed. I was lying with my head on his stomach and the Salty Sailor* made me aware that he liked that by tapping me on the head a couple of times.

    I started off by kissing him gently, then licked and teased him all the way to fruition. It was hard to tell what it tasted of, but it's definitely not yet appley enough to make a Mr Kipling apple pie.

    *For those of you who have not been following my diary from day 1, Jason's Salty Sailor is his cock….Well actually I like to think of it as our cock.

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    • Tara Tainton: September 30, 2006 09:52
      Ah, I wonder if Sweet Release truly can turn the flavor now in a mere 12 days! I'll stay tuned... ;)
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