1. Sperm Tester Maya - Diary - Day 16

    So tired an busy and it's only mid-week. I went for a lovely deep-tissue massage thie evening and am totally zonked now. No tasting and am watching King Kong whilst typing… Will try to have something more relevant to say soon… ;-)

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    • John: September 28, 2006 09:55
      Oh my god she is actually going to send me to sleep. The most boring person you could have chosen
    • Jason: September 28, 2006 20:34
      Nasty :o(

      Obviously no one's tasting you.


    • Shane: October 08, 2006 19:53
      What a wanker and that's my girlfriend that prick is talking about, if you met her you would realise she is very interesting and exciting.....some people eh, as you say Jay obviously no one is tasting him, go off and look at some wank sites instead you twat!!!
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