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  1. Erotic games

    First off, this isn't something I have actually done myself. Having said that, I'll be giving it a shot pretty damn soon!

    No, making a sexy tape and playing it for a lover was something a friend of mine did for her second wedding anniversary recently. Hot stuff, huh? I personally think that beats any Swiss Army Knife or personalized silver tankard present, or whatever the hell you're supposed to buy your hubbie/wife according to those ancient wedding anniversary rules.

    Apparently, my friend had been watching a porn film with her husband a few weeks before their pending anniversary and one of the scenes inspired her to make a little home recording of her own. It wasn't to shoot her own mini porno, but to record her voice on tape for her husband to play back before their steamy night of, er, re-consecrating their wedding vows…

    The main thing you need to remember when making an erotic tape recording is to keep it sexy and let yourself flow. Curt, stifled sexual commands or confessions will sound rigid and anything but erotic, so have a glass of wine and relax before you commit your sexy thoughts to tape. And don't forget that, like most home recordings – be it cassette tape, CD or video – they will be lying around for a long time, so be sure you can trust your partner not to whip it out at his next lads' night in.

    Before you start recording, think about what you want to say to your partner. My friend decided on a kind of sexy treasure hunt and gave her hubby a personal cassette player and tape because her erotic instructions involved going outside their home, leading him through a series of shops where he had to buy all manner of naughty treats, and then finally to the hotel where she had booked a suite for them to get down 'n' dirty!

    But you can record all manner of things for your tape. You can read out your favourite erotic short story – highlighting the parts that you would love to act out with your lover – or you can come over like a dominatrix and be sexy but stern with a ton of erotic commands for your lover to remember and carry out in a specific order, otherwise they will be punished!

    You could even record a romantic message, reminding your lover how much you love them and reminisce about the first time you had sex and how you would love to recreate that first time.

    Whatever you choose to record, have fun with it, relax and let yourself go. You'll be surprised at how sexy you will feel once you imagine the effect it will have on your lover!

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