1. Sexy reading on the beach

    10 minutes ago I was sitting at a beachside bar with Sash, listening to her talk about how she has made a big mistake getting married so young and how her and her husband have started bringing other people into their sexual relationship to try and spice things up. Swinging, in other words then.

    I've just about digested my Miss Pink cocktail (crushed strawberries, champers and cherry liqueur) and I'm writing this blog in earnest because I have a date to get ready for. You've probably guessed with who the date is. Yep, Sash and her husband. I don't know how we're going to manage it, sloping away from the rest of the group without raising suspicion. And what makes it harder is that most of my old mates on this holiday know about my past fling with Sash.

    Sasha's husband has actually booked a room for the three of us in a different hotel complex, which makes it easier on one hand because we'll have some privacy. But like I told you earlier in the week, this is an insanely tight-knit group holiday and everyone is insisting on hanging out together all the time. So Sash and I have come up with a plan where I feign a migraine and opt for a night in bed (well, technically it's true!), while Sash and her hubbie will say they're going for a romantic meal alone time. Hopefully, the rest of the gang won't insist on checking in on me when I'm supposed to be in my room…

    Right, I'm going to start running a bath in a bit and preen myself for tonight. What look should I go for? Femme fatale, sex kitten or beach casual? Bollocks to it, I may as well just go in a kaftan with nothing else underneath, because I know damn well I'll spend most of the night with nothing on!

    In between battling hangovers, sunburn and giant insects, I have managed to find another sexy book excerpt while sunbathing, drinking and flirting out here in Mauritius. It's taken from Nancy Friday's Forbidden Flowers book – I've told you about this amazing book before – and it's a breathe of fresh air to read letters written by ordinary women talking about sex and all its relations. Enjoy the excerpt, and I'll talk to you next week when I get back. Hopefully with some juicy tales to tell you about tonight!

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    Forbidden Flowers is a letter written to Nancy by an eighteen-year-old girl called Veevee who wanted to share her adolescent fantasies and experiences with the author…

    My name is Veevee. I am eighteen, I want to be a rock singer-costume designer and I am very horny. I lost my virginity only last year to my boyfriend, who I am still dating. We have sex regularly, every weekend, even during my period. It's kind of messy, but he likes it because he doesn't have to use a safe.

    The men in my fantasies are neither black nor white, but Oriental. I find them extremely sexy and I simply cannot warm-up to any other kind of man (I'm not Oriental, though). I detest hairy chests and faces… pale hair, eyes and skin are too milky to be erotic. I adore slim bodies, smooth golden skin and cute asses, and Orientals have it all. Japanese are my favourites, and my boyfriend is a Japanese. I have also slept with a delicious Korean boy whom I met in another city recently. I haven't had a chance to lay out a Chinese yet, but I'm working on it.

    The star of my fantasies is in fact a star, a Japanese rock singer superstar. He is incredibly gorgeous, with a mane of dark hair, great big black eyes, a complexion that a girl would envy and a sensuous mouth just right for long deep kisses. And, wow what a body! I don't know how may times I have masturbated while looking at photos of him.

    Anyway, I can fantasize about him being onstage, wearing a white leather outfit… the pants and vest are really tight and his gold skin is gleaming with sweat under the lights.

    Thousands of girls are screaming around him, but I watch him triumphantly, knowing that I am the woman who will possess that beautiful body, straining against the leather… Once in his apartment, I relax on his huge double bed. It has satin sheets and a canopy with embroidered quilts. I sip a drink until I hear the door open. He strides in and regards me for a moment throw narrow eyes. I can see all that heavy music and dancing has had its effect and I quiver with anticipation. I can feel the moisture between my legs. Without bothering to take anything off, he seizes me in his arms and kisses me firmly, meanwhile stripping my clothes off. My panties get snagged, and there's a satisfying sound of tearing as he rips the cloth off my hips.

    Now he removes his gloves and begins to caress my body, his golden hands moving from my breasts down to my belly, to my cunt (which I keep clean-shaven). He stand right infront of me, one arm around my neck… the other hand down between my legs, his middle finger inside me, stirring up the juices as his tongue inside my mouth licks mine.

    His kisses become more insistent as they begin to fall on my naked flesh, down, down , down and his tongue in my hot tongue is just too much and I heave and writher in the most wonderful climax I have ever had – the cunt juices flowing out of me and making a river down the crack of my ass.

    This drives him wild, and he leaps on me and drives his long hard cock in so deep I moan with ecstasy. He is still wearing the leather vest and I can see him thrusting and my legs wrapped around his ass in a mirror. He sees that I like looking at us in a mirror, and with a strong lunge of his cock he pushes my ass around so that now we are parallel to the mirror and I can actually see his long cock sliding in and out. I put my hand around it, as if to make my cunt longer and more firmly gripping. It excites him even more to be held by my hand and my cunt at the same time, and just as I slip my hand between his legs and shove a finger in his ass, he shrieks as though he's being murdered, and he comes!

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      very hot
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