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  1. Sperm Tester Maya - Diary - Day 3

    Oh, oh, oh… I'm dying! Well… I guess I'm not really. J I just have a cold. But everything is a real struggle so thank you to my awesome boyfriend who picked me up from the supermarket after a long day and then cooked a very yummy dinner. He even made me a hot toddy! (Highly recommend ginger wine.) I am such a lucky girl.

    Well, you guessed it: no tasting today. And we had such plans. Well, at least I know why I've been eating like a horse for the past few days – I had those vile cold germs brewing up inside me! If you're ill like me, hope you feel better soon. For those of you who feel well… Well, there's a lot of it going around…

    I cleared my desk today at work. Tomorrow is going to be a tough day although I can't say why as it wouldn't be very politically (or legally!) correct and would involve me talking about some work issues that I just can't talk about. But things are going to get better! I am determined… (And, boy, I don't make up my mind often but when I do heaven help the world!)

    So… Even shorter blog today. Sorry for slacking but feel cr*p.

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