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  1. Sperm Tester Sarah - Diary - Day 2

    We had a late night last night, so neither of us were in the mood for love this morning before work, but I checked he had taken his Sweet Release pill before I went off to work.

    I spent the day rushing around so I got home exhausted. I was supposed to be meeting Jason and his friend for a drink, but I was too tired and I knew that if I did go my online diary would never get written, so I sent him a saucy message and apologised for my absence. By the time Jason gets home, I will already be in bed and there will be no time for sperm testing, which is probably just as well - I think it tastes a bit funny after alcohol.

    What will we do with the drunken sailor….. Hmm, go back to sleep I reckon and hopefully dream of tomorrow's tasting session.

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