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  1. Sperm Tester Maya - Diary - Day 2

    I'm pooped tonight. I had a good, long, hard workout at the gym… And then had fish and chips for dinner! Well, I'm sorry but it's just one of the perils of living almost right next door to a fish and chip shop. It's just too easy! Low cal day tomorrow. Well, I'll try.

    My appetite's through the roof these days. And the other appetite? Well, it's just starting to gear up again after that time of the month. Looking forward when we both have some time at home doing nothing together so we can take some time to do something!

    We're very close and kissy and cuddly (although not when we're out) and I just love everything about Shane! He's got such kissable lips and I love the way he grabs me! What a man! Hm. Not sure how much I should tell you here… ;-) We'll see. I'll try and gauge how much I can say! Or how much I should say… But no, we haven't been at it like rampant bunnies tonight. Hmmm. We need to book some time in!!!

    Work was OK… I'm about to move departments within the company so… Just gearing up for that and hoping that everything will go OK. You know how it is: you want to impress everyone but don't want to seem as though you're arse licking. Well, I don't like to think I'm coming across that way.

    Ooooh. I'm so tired tonight I'm not sure how much you're going to get out of me. I'm going to take it easy tomorrow night and start planning for our party in October. It's taken us a year to get over the last one! Trust me. The carpet was SOAKED in beer and we had to tell the last DJ to stop at about eight o'clock in the morning. Our bedroom floor and our bed were covered in people. No, not like that! Lol Just people lying around talking and some in various states of… well. Just various states! That was a night and a half!

    Hm. I have just checked out whether there are any comments on the blog. But there was nowt. Only managed to notice a typo in my last diary entry. Laid bear???! I laid a bear. Painful. Sorry. I missed that one.

    A dopo (until later in Italian).

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    • London Nutritionist: September 14, 2006 09:16
      Take care on those low calorie diets and yo yo dieting! The danger is you'll change your body's motabolism and you'll end up putting weight on more easily and heavier than you were in the first place. Nutritionists now recommend diets with a low glycaemic load and carefully monitored to avoid affecting your metabolic rate. Diets based on low fat (high sugar) and calorie counting could make it far harder for you in the long run.

      A calorie is no longer just a calorie - diet calories from essential fat affect you differently from diet calories from sugar. Check out most low fat yoghurts and count the spoonfulls of sugar to see why they don't work.

      Good luck with your new diet ;-)

    • Maya: September 15, 2006 07:12
      Hello! Quick note to say that at the ripe old age of thirty, a low cal diet means (for me) just avoiding the chippy, dropping the sugar from my tea and not succumbing to the cakes and biscuits people bring into work! I'm pretty sensible these days. When I was a kid... God. I remember just going down to one meal a day then. How stupid can you get? It's different when you're a teenager. You just don't realise how important it is to eat normally and healthily and you're more concerned about how you look. As you get older, you realise that eating for health is much mroe important - especially if you are a woman (my mum has osteoporosis).

      Anyway, thanks for the comment. Hope you have / had a great day! All the best, Maya.

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