1. Top 10 reasons you wanted to be Sperm Testers

    With more than 2,500 applications, we had to have some way of choosing the right couples, so we asked potential Sperm Testers why they thought they'd make good test subjects for our suck-it-and-see trial.

    We receieved a mind-boggling selection of responses from eager couples, many of which gave a startling insight into their relationships. You can just imagine the pillow talk…

    1 "We've dyed his pubic hair, made a cock mould and put Space Dust inside me."

    2 "After gobbling the same goo for 13 years, I'd definitely notice any difference in taste."

    3 "My partner is a smoker and I would appreciate anything that would change the bitter taste in his fluids."

    4 "I love to cum on her face and drink it after."

    5 "We love to make each other sponk by mouth, tongue, WHAHEY"

    6 "They don't call me the Wacky Cum Swallower for nothing!"

    7 "We are both fussy eaters trying to get our five a day fruit and veg :)!!!!"

    8 "Jon can cum for England (he is very generous with his 'load')"

    9 "Pam is in the middle of changing her pill and can't have intercourse for the next month. The only sexual fun we are going to have is oral."

    10 "I know how Stephen's semen tastes better than my own saliva. I'd notice any differences."

    Comments (77)

    • christopher riley: April 13, 2007 17:15
      i want to help couples who want to taste semen, taste better for them,to help fullfill there lovemaking
    • Francis: April 22, 2007 16:21
      yes i want to try this news product with my girl friend :-) but if this stuff is real i tell you the true...
    • Joe and Kiesha Sierra: April 24, 2007 20:50
      Kiesha would most enjoy my semen like her favorite wines sweet and not bitter!:-)She has yet to savor a single drop of my current flavor:-(
      we would also love to share our experiance with the world. Please consider adding us to your product testing team for this and all other future products!
    • jackie: April 26, 2007 22:24
      you know what your granny says ,an apple a day keeps the doctor away.and the best thing for a sore throught is a shot off come. so i would be a healthy girl..
    • alison fisher: April 28, 2007 22:22
      hi,just going throuhg your very interesting site and noticed your looking for a sperm tester,well i had a good think about it and i would like to apply for the position.my husband and i are very active and would like to put our acctivity to more use and i thing being paid is just one more reason to have more oral play time. looking foward to your reply alison.
    • louise lawlor: April 30, 2007 21:30
      Hi I've just told my husband about the sperm tester/taster He thinks it's the best idea i've had since we met! and would love for us to try it out. I myself would like to simply because I dont like the taste of my hubby's sperm, I have tried a few things to try to make the experience more appetising ie, flavoured willy drops, melted chocolate, but it still leaves a bitter taste in the back of the throat ! Therfore we would like to apply for the sperm tester please (my hubby say's pretty please ! )
    • Stacey: May 01, 2007 21:28
      I would love to spend all day down on my man if the taste of his sperm wasnt so salty. I get him to the point of no return then I stop its not that I wont to its just the thought of the taste if there was something I could try to pleasure my man the way I long too, I myself or my man would take what ever we can to have the kind of fun we both wont.
      I long for the day sperm tastes nice..

      So both me and my partner would like to apply for the sperm tester test.

    • phill cooper: May 02, 2007 20:05
      My wife has gone off sucking me since our second child because she doesnt like the taste anymore, she feels she is letting me down cos i used to love it so much, please help my spunk taste better, if you do i promise to buy loads of stuff from your website.
    • tina-marie: May 10, 2007 19:10
      i would love to try this as i love oral sex but the taste of semen puts me of abit. plus an apple a day.....
    • susie: May 18, 2007 14:00

      What a fabulous idea...i adore oral sex, but even after my partner has a curry or a few beers i can taste the difference! We would be the ideal couple to do this test!!
    • lisa tute: June 14, 2007 10:07
      sounds like a great idea my other half said he wud love it as i wud give him more bj's lmao i dont do oral normall as i dont like the taste of semen and my partner is missing out lol
    • angela: June 14, 2007 11:50
      i would love to see how you can make a man's seman change taste.. what fun it could be trying to find thouge.. my hubby love's it when i give him oral but i don't go all the way. and some time's that can be a pain for him. but yet he can go all the way with me... the thing is i know he would love it if i whent all the way...bless him lol
    • Lesleys: June 14, 2007 17:22
      I have never been able to swallow sperm, I am put off by the taste .....but for my hubby's sake I would like to do it as he gives me fantastic oral!! I usually stop at the pre-cum stage or just before, I know he would love me to take it but the taste really makes me feel phyisically sick and I don't like the taste of latex even fruit flavoured latex,willing to give anything a go and can promise you good constructive reviews on this or any other topic.
    • louise: July 11, 2007 20:49
      I just love doing it oral. My husband never complains either particularly when I swallow his jiz! Although I don't mind the taste if it was flavoured that would make me swallow more often. Please let me sample the flavour....
    • Maya: August 01, 2007 07:59
      I love the idea of swallowing my fiance's cum but am really put off by the taste. however this does not reflect how I feel about him - just the other day I told him how much I wish it tasted better so it would be less of a sacrifice to demonstrate my true yearning for it.
    • liza: August 03, 2007 20:24
      I want to also participate of this test, I am Brazil, and I and my boyfriend we are vegetarian, (case this is excellent) Debtor

      Eu quero participar desse teste também,
      eu sou Brasil, e eu e meu namorado somos vegetarianos, ( caso isso seja relevante )


    • Kylie Cusack: September 04, 2007 20:48
      I would love to test this product. I find that blow jobs are a huge part of our sex lives but sometimes (especially when he's not been eating healthily) the taste is unbearable and really puts me off.
      Have we found a solution?!
    • lee wiggetts: September 07, 2007 18:39
      i would like to try ure amazing product ive been with my partner for 7 years she loves giving me blojobs but she never swallows my sperm cus she says it tast nasty pls let me sample this product and il let you know the outcome thank you lovehoney x x
    • Michelle: September 12, 2007 09:13
      I luv to swallow cum once swallowed my hubby and his brother mmmmm that was a mouthful
    • katrina Collier: September 19, 2007 19:06
      id like to test it out as i cant stand the taste of spunk it tastes like dirty socks so ive never given a blow job & when i tell people that they cant believe,just think if they cant believe what my poor boyfriend has been though for 7 years. if the taste was better then id start given tat for tit
    • Jason Myers: September 28, 2007 07:50
      I'd like to test it out because iv been changing my diet and my girl has noticed a change but due to me being a smoker it still has the bitter taste. Also we would love to see this product work so we would provide full descriptions, as well as testing it often...
    • stephanie harris: October 03, 2007 21:44
      right where do i start i admit i like to swallow but then with my new man when i do its kind of acidy to the point of i have to drink a few glasses of water to try and get the taste out my mouth it ends up in using listerine which really upsets my man, and i dont like doin that!
    • victoria R: October 05, 2007 00:54
      as an avid cum drinker i would be willin to try this product. if i dont get a good belly full of hot spunk at least twice a day im not a happy bunny.so the opportunity to swollow more sounds so goood.an apple a day keeps the doctor away!
    • y.cummings: October 12, 2007 15:23
      I've been tasting the same nut for 22 years I need a different flavor don't you think so? Why not give Golden Hot lips and mouth a new nutty vanilla cream taste!
      Thank you experience cum taster!
    • habib: November 27, 2007 06:36
      i want to enjoy
    • Michelle: November 28, 2007 10:00
      Had a mouth full this morning......full load.
    • Karianne H: December 03, 2007 03:19
      I love the natural taste of cum, sssalty;P
    • Tracy: December 16, 2007 10:30
      There is nothing better than my guy (hubby) exploding his sweet n tasty load in my mouth or directly down my throat. I have trained myself to be able to except may mans load. There is a time when you taste and a time when u don't. While sperm is HOT (fresh) taste or swallow is great but do it right away cause when starts cool it is nasty.
      I know my man gets his fantisized blow jobs at home from me cause I allow him however he wants it at least once a week. If I don't men will seek it elsewhere.
    • Graham Teague: December 16, 2007 22:57
      I am kind of put off going down after I've been up. But if tastes so nice I might be wanting to get it back. And my woman likes the taste I'm sure there will be more gobble, gobble, gobble for me. What a great idea, sign us up.
    • justin m: January 30, 2008 23:34
      i want to try the product if is really good for vegs
    • toni: February 21, 2008 14:43
      if that pill dose work i would love my partner to try it i dont mind giving bjs its just the tast of the cum it make me gag most of the time. an if theres a pill to change the tast me an my partner would love to try it
    • hayley graham: February 24, 2008 14:13
      i have been with my partner for over seven years and i always give him bjs, we would love to try this pill as it would benefit both of us more him than me but id be happy to keep u informed of what is happening with the pill, please let us try it xx
    • zoe loveridge: February 25, 2008 13:01
      I would realy like to see if this product works as I love sucking my mans cock but i dont realy like the end result
    • Helen H.: February 26, 2008 20:48
      I haven't given my husband a BJ with an explosive ending for years, all due to the taste and a major dip in sex drive. All he gets now is a suck for no longer than 3 minutes and that's if he's begged! Please rid me of my guilt and him of his frustration as he's a very nice man and deserves it!
    • Ms.Borgias: February 28, 2008 19:11
      We're up for giving it a go!
    • Nic: March 06, 2008 22:10
      My hubby's cum tastes awful, we had heard of pills but they were out of our price range, i would love to enjoy it as much as he loves doing it. It would make our sex life even better, bring on the sweet cum, i can't wait to taste
    • hayley: March 15, 2008 10:39
      id love my partner to try it as i have to stop before he comes because the taste makes me feel sick
    • kirsty and shaun.: March 15, 2008 17:57
      i love giving my man blowjobs and i love it wen he cums in my mouth, but at the moment it tastes of...well the usual and if your pill can make it taste of something nice that would actually make it worth going back for seconds even thirds!
    • lisa: April 23, 2008 12:57
      u did not state the reason, while why it is good to drink sperm. i am despirate to known what it does to the body. can a lady get pregnant after taking in sperm? does it enlarge a ladies buttos
    • Lenni: May 02, 2008 22:39
      Please, please, please let me taste the apple sperm, normal spunk soooo doesnt taste good and ive never swallowed only spat, so it would be a huge treat for my hubby on our 14th wedding anniversary on 20th june if i swallowed his manly juice which impregnated me four times lol
    • anthony: May 04, 2008 17:04
      i love my girl giving me head but she never swallows because she says it doesnt taste to good so i would love the chance to try this out andget her to swallow.
    • Corissa: August 13, 2008 03:09
      I love swallowing sperm, but sometimes the taste is a little upsetting. It would be great to have something change the taste, I swallow his cum six days a week on average. Really just testing your product would be great fun to exceed our average oral output.
    • Amy Gander: September 28, 2008 17:24
      We would love to give this a go. Please contact us
    • beth: October 08, 2008 16:04
      i hate the taste of my husbands sperm .he loves it when i swallowbut i can't stand the taste, so anything that can help he'd love to try .
    • Master RipRap: October 14, 2008 02:21
      My wife absolutely LOVES the states of my CUM!
      She even convinced me to taste it. You know, she is right! It tastes GREAT! More couples should do some cum-swapping or snowballing as we call it here in the States. It is a lovely way to end a multiple orgasmic BJ and it gets me HARD AS A ROCK again, and then she we go for round 2 and 3 and 4.......
      MMMMmmmmmmm Good.
      We are your NEW CUM TESTERS, I mean TASTERS. ;)
    • Stephanie & Lirim: November 20, 2008 11:57
      Hi there
      Just reading the "sperm taste tester" and I would love to apply. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 1year and love to vary our relationship in the bedroom. This sounds really interesting. My boyfriend loves to receive a blow job but often (and sorry boys, im sure us ladies taste the same!) it tastes like salt (once i even gagged!) I would definately be up for testing this as if it works im sure it would really improve our sex life (giving and receiving oral sex would be more of pleasure than a taste of salt!)
    • tamara , dave: November 29, 2008 22:50
      hi i luv to go deep on my partner i luv to gag but not when the bitter taste of his cum is in my mouth so the taste of apple rather appeals to me
    • kirsty colin: December 11, 2008 21:43
      i luv going down on my parter but it taste like salt my parter wishes to the pills
    • Heather and Tim: December 31, 2008 03:53
      Well our answer isn't wackey it is what it is ..
      My husband and I love our sex life and like to try anything new even if only for once..This is very intriguing to us both ..How wonderful to beable to change the taste even though it is fine the way it is ..This would be a cool job .
    • wendy: February 14, 2009 00:53
      Arrrrh yes indeed... That same thought has entered my mind on many occasions, but please tell me there's other flavours apart from APPLE. My partner loves me to take control and explore his desires with sensual movements from tongue and mouth. Which is fab dont get me wrong but to be able to swallow everytime with a sweet flavour would be so fulfilling to both, and very messy too im sure. . .
    • nick: April 24, 2009 13:42

      both myself and my wife smokes wile se enjoys going down on me and swallowing down my load she has told me she is starting to go off the taste.even though she has told me she loves giving me head i would be more than happy to be your tester .it would mean that my wife would be more happy with the load she swallows and i like to keep my wife happy
    • steph: July 28, 2009 20:18
      been heavily pregnant id love to be able to swallow my partners loads but the thought puts me off
    • Lisa and Peter: August 23, 2009 20:52
      Theres nothing more on this planet than i love , than to give my man a good bit of oral being an extremly sexual active pair anyway this is somthing we have on a daily basis :D theres only one problem i would love to let my man do the things he loves and to make his orgasm even better let him explode in my mouth but i have one issue with it semen tastes horrible lol id love to be able to take him in my mouth and complete the task in hand without having to spoil the moment and 'spit', i have always thought if theres only somehow to make it taste different and then i saw this ad and thought omg my man would love this and guess what he does he thought christmas had come early i would love to be able to try this out just so we could make the experience better than ever and to put it bluntly 'to put the icing on the cake!' :D
    • stephanie: January 25, 2010 23:57
      i enjoy oraly pleasing my man but i hate the taste of the end product!! id love for it to taste nice because then every woman would become a pro at giving head!! lol i would love to try this product its soooooo unique!! well done lovehoney xx
    • Dean White: January 27, 2010 09:37
      well shes a spitter so id gladly try as id lover her to not spit the load back all over me;)
    • Mike & Nat: January 27, 2010 10:06
      What an intresting trial... Count us in!
    • bob&step: February 06, 2010 16:05
      My girl would do anything for money and I would do anything for even more b j s :-) this sound to good to be true
    • curtis: April 10, 2010 18:31
      i would like to try it to see if it really works
    • Lc and Hubby: May 18, 2010 14:51
      i love everything there is about giving oral... except the taste(always a drink on standby) therefore being a taste tester..... would be perfect and with apple flavour.... Hubby could then hit the core... so to speak
    • Vigrx Pills: December 24, 2010 09:46
      good site nice post
    • paul and cara davies: February 03, 2011 12:47
      we are up for giving it a good go my wife doesnt really like the taste of cum but she does swollow it so she's very keen to try this out and if it works i can see me getting more of them
    • leanne stewart: February 14, 2011 19:17
      we would love to try this out,i luv giving bj's and the other half luvs to let me lol.i dont mind the taste of sperm but wud luv to taste a new flavour of it ; 0 ) plus this wud mean i wud do it 24hrs a day and i wudnt hear any complaints im sure lol
    • Moira: May 03, 2011 22:03
      Hi I love my man when he cums like a WATERFALL down my throat
      it seams ha ha as though he has rapids of cum it is never the same some times its thick and creamy, or stringy like long sticky strings dangling from his cock wait for me to for me to wrap my tongue around them, or sometimes its like a slap in the eye BANG even in the dark is ex forces so he must have been a good shot. The taste of his lovely cum does change with what he has been eating and i also think this is down to how he cums on/ in me . So to put my theory to the test we would LOVE TO CUM and join in your sperm tasting challenge LOL XX MOIRA JIM
    • leeanne: May 17, 2011 23:50
      i love to suck cock but do not like the taste of sperm and i would love to keep sucking as my man cums
    • Moira: May 18, 2011 20:29
      Hi leeanne xx i know sperm can taste a little bit sweet, sour, I know your mans CUM can be stick and thick but at the end of the day you do not have to CHEW IT GIRL just SWOLLOW it ALL down and if you want him to CUM quicker for you stick your finger up his bum and rub his prostate it will take him about 10.15 seconds to CUM down your throught

      cheers leeanne

    • chris and barbara: July 29, 2011 02:56
      Chris loves when I take the full load. He says it makes him feel sexy I like making him feel that but I hate the taste of his kicked. If there is away to Chang the taste of it I would be willing to do it more.and be willing to buy it. We would like to take place in this testing. Hope to hear from u soon
    • heather: September 26, 2011 20:50
      we would love to try this and he never gets any of that from me the salty taste makes me boke so would be a nice change and he would be a happy man
    • joanne: October 08, 2011 15:38
      i love giving my man blow jobs and do it all the time lol but would love it to taste sweet instead of sour ird suck his cock all day long and herd love it too so no complaints either end
    • Laura Court: December 13, 2011 22:22
      Hiya, Im Laura. Me and my partner have always had a healthy sex life and are always up for trying something new so seeing if this really works is exciting. I like to give my partner head and he enjoys it but he is sometimes reluctent to ejaculate in my mouth as he gets a little worried it dosent taste very nice and dosent want to disrespect me with the fact that i might not actually like the taste, but tolerate it. To try something new which may spice of sex life up alot would be amazing and would give back 100% true feedback on wether the product actually works or not. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank-you
    • stacey: March 17, 2012 01:03
      I love giving my partner oral, I'd keep it in my mouth all day if I could. I'm really intrigued as to if this would actually work, and I'd be willing to do it 5 times a day if accepted :) I just don't understand why you'd want spoil the taste by making it apple flavoured, The taste of seamen is yummy ;-)
    • danielle: May 29, 2013 13:57
      im danielle and me and partner have been together for 6 year... v stopped giving oral sex as i dont like the taste so thia would be the perfect oppertunity for is and im sure my partner would be pleased;) plus apple is my favourite flavour... yum! haha
    • tony: September 28, 2013 01:33
      My wife would like for me to taste more pleasing when she swallows my cum.
    • Kimberly Loos: June 30, 2014 01:23
      My husband and I are seriously interested in testing the new pill , and anticipate the ideal of tasting cum that isn't salty or bad tasting. The thought of it tasting like green apple will appeal to a lot of woman and wil significally alter how woman feel about oral sex. Instead of being a somewhat dreaded chore , it will be a tasty treat.
    • Susan: August 05, 2014 12:30
      I'm interested in the pill because me and my husband are really sexualy active and the thought of being able to swallow is a turn on for me and my husband.
    • Paulie: August 14, 2014 02:24
      I love the idea of cum kiss and actually did it once (quite forcefully though). My boyfriend said he would try again maybe but has been dodging it successfully ever since! Maybe if he tasted better he would enjoy it as much as I do!
    • Lauren: October 13, 2014 11:22
      I absolutely love giving my boyfriend oral sex that much that I prefer giving him pleasure that way a little bit more than I do him giving me... I think when he cums on me in me or in my mouthi like to taste him but sometimes his cum tastes abit funky
    • keith whysall: August 21, 2015 13:31
      me and my boyfriend love giving each other blowjobs and swallowing each others spunk but would like to taste spunk in a different way n taste
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