1. Sperm Tester Sarah - Diary - Day 1

    Monday and the first day of our diary and we both knew what we had to do. I was a bit worried that it would take away the spontaneity, but Jason didn't seem to mind. We both work full-time and had a friend coming round in the evening, so there was no time to waste….

    Jason was worried about cleanliness as he hadn't had time for a shower, so he felt the need to dip his 'Salty Sailor', as we have named it, in a cup of water before we started. The cup turned out to be appropriate as it was decorated with a chinese symbol for 'Good Luck'. So for anyone that knows us, don't accept an offer of coffee when you come round - now you know where that cup has been.

    We then went through to the bedroom, I imagined his Salty Sailor was an ice-cream cone and got started. It didn't take long, in fact from flop to pop in five minutes. Verdict: the usual flavour - freshly mown grass with salty avocado.

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